Kleine kinderkamer

If you are a little nursery When it comes to furnishing, it's important to think about the furniture and storage options that will work best for this space. In this blog post you can read about 5 tips for decorating a small nursery. 

1. Furniture tips for a small nursery

The furniture in one small nursery choosing can be difficult. You must ensure that there is enough space to play, but you must also be able to store all the children's belongings. Here are some tips:

  • Do not put too much furniture in the room, but use small furniture, which makes the room feel larger and more open. 
  • Use small beds: these can be pushed against the wall to free up more space. 
  • Buy a single bed with storage space underneath: this way you can easily get things in and out. 
  • Use Bunk Beds: These are great if you have two or three kids sharing one room. They take up less space and often there is also room for storage space under the bed.

Small children's room

2. Choose the right colors 

Play with colors to see what works best, you can do this through a color scheme. If your child is a fan of a certain color, such as pink or blue, it can be fun to use that color as an accent in the bedroom. An small nursery is the perfect place to use bright colors as accents.

Not a fan of bright colors? Of course, you can also opt for light, neutral colors for the walls to make the small space appear larger. This way, your child will not be overwhelmed by too many patterns or objects on the wall. With this option it is nice to have some colored posters This way you still add color without the whole room being immediately pink or blue.

3. Store ideas in a small nursery

Then we end up at the storage space in a small nursery. Provide plenty of storage space for clothes and toys in your child's bedroom so they don't end up on the floor every day! It is also important to think about where you will store your children's toys. One idea is to use a toy chest or playpen, which can easily be hidden under the bed. You can also use a large storage cabinet or bookcase. Keep the design simple so that your child can decide for themselves what to put in or on.

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4. Wall decoration in one small nursery

Wall decoration can make a room feel bigger and warmer, so consider putting some posters on the wall! Wall decoration in one small nursery is a great way to add character and personality to your child's space. You can opt for something floral, like this cute one kids posters. Whatever you choose, it's important that the decorations match your child's interests. So choose the nicest animal posters, football posters or quotes for the nursery.

Would you rather go for wallpaper or paint around the small children's room to brighten up? Then choose wallpaper with patterns and colorful colors, but not too many different colors mixed up. For example, it is best to choose one or two colors that you will return to the room. This is because there is less visual noise, making the room appear larger. Small children's room

5. Let in enough light

A good way to get a small nursery can be made more spacious and lighter by thinking about the light in the room. So think carefully about where the cupboards and beds will be placed. For example, it is best not to place a high cabinet directly next to the window, because that way you block the natural light.  

Small children's room furnishing: get started now!

Now that you know which furniture, decorations and storage options are available, you can get started. Create the nicest palace for your child and discover the nicest small nursery wall decoration from Walljar now!