Kleine slaapkamer inrichten

Do you want to decorate a small bedroom and are you looking for tips and inspiration? Then you've come to the right place. Having a small bedroom may not seem ideal, but it can actually be very nice! We give you some tips on how to turn a small space into a cozy place. 

#1 Natural light and natural colors

Around the small bedroom To make it look as large as possible, it is important to let in as much light as possible. The more light, the bigger the room appears. Therefore keep curtains open, don't cover the window too much with stuff and choose light colors! Light colors reflect more light, making the small bedroom seems a bit wider. For example, colors such as white, light beige or light gray are a real go, as are pastel colors when you want to create a little more color. 

Of course you can also go for dark colors if you really like those colors. Just note that this does not help you om small bedroom to appear more spacious. But if certain colors make you happy, then you can definitely go for this!

#2 Don't worry too much 

Bustle makes your bedroom even smaller! Therefore, consider in advance which furniture and other necessities you need in your room: you do not want to furnish it too full. Also pay attention to decorating the small bedroom that you avoid busy patterns and large color contrasts. Opt for a neutral color for the wallpaper, curtains and blankets. 

#3 Choose the right furniture

A decorating a small bedroom with the right furniture: this can be quite tricky! Do you go for large furniture or do you stick to small, slim furniture? Of course you can't store too much furniture there, so it seems the most logical choice for small furniture. However, this can turn out crazy, because you don't want your bedroom to look like a room in a doll's house! Therefore, do not be afraid to have a large piece of furniture as a focal point, such as a large bed or a large closet. 

Do you want to save space? Get a bed with storage space! You have beds with drawers and even beds that you can fold up with storage space under the mattress. 

#4 Make it cozy 

Decorating the small bedroom you want to avoid getting too crowded, as we said before. But of course you want a cozy atmosphere! A bare room is never fun to spend time in. You can place a rug, hang some lights and place candles. Also plant can immediately create more atmosphere and also ensure that the air is purified in the small bedroom

#5 Make use of the walls 

You can do one decorating a small bedroom with a lot of furniture, but because of this you will not have enough space to place your decorations, books or other things. Of course you can't build everything. So make use of your walls! For example, you can hang up shelves to store some things and decorations, or you can make the bare walls a bit more cozy with wall decorations! Hang a few schilderijen on or make a photo wall

Decorating a small bedroom with the nicest wall decoration!

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