Kleine woonkamer met open keuken inrichten

A small living room Furnishing with an open kitchen can be a challenge. The space may seem too cramped for decorations, but there are plenty of ways to make it look bigger than it actually is. Here are some tips for creating an open kitchen in a small living room:

Let in a lot of light

The first way to get a small living room furnishing with open kitchen This can be made easier by letting in as much light as possible and using a lighter color scheme on the walls and furniture. Due to the light and light walls, the open kitchen will create the illusion that the space feels larger because people's attention is drawn away from the walls. Instead, attention will be drawn to what you are cooking in the kitchen!

In addition to hanging lamps, also add spotlights in the kitchen to improve the incidence of light in the kitchen. A nice option is to place dimmers on the lights so that you can also create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen in the evening. 
Decorate a small living room with an open kitchen

Bar at the kitchen

The second tip to small living room furnishing with open kitchen fun is to place a bar next to the kitchen. This makes for a great conversation space while you are cooking and gives the person cooking the feeling that they are really involved with the rest of the living room!

Dividing for more privacy

Do you want a little more privacy in the living room? If you're in a small space with an open kitchen, it can sometimes be difficult to have a lot of privacy. There is usually not enough space for two people to sit and talk comfortably without being distracted by what is happening in the kitchen. If this sounds like your situation, set up half of the space as one thing (a dining area or sitting area) and the other half as something else (a cooking/work area). This way you have a nice division and the living room and kitchen will feel like two different spaces.
Decorate a small living room with an open kitchen

Decorate a small living room with an open kitchen: the floor

The floor in an open kitchen is just as important as the walls! Tiles work well because they are easy to clean. Carpet may seem nice at first glance, but will get dirty quickly when continuously exposed to cooking spills! Of course, you can place carpet or a rug in the living area to create some coziness.

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Decorations in a small open kitchen

You might think that there is not enough room for decoration. But nothing could be further from the truth, we have listed a number of decoration ideas:

  • Small plants: this makes the room a lot greener and cozier. You can choose to place a basil, parsley or coriander plant. You can also use that in the kitchen!
  • Cookbooks: always handy to try out a new recipe!
  • Wall shelves: no more space in the cupboards? Then hang up some wall shelves. Put your most beautiful crockery on it and you immediately have nice decoration. 
  • Wall decoration: in addition to tableware, a number of framed posters can of course also be placed on the wall shelves. Did you know that Walljar has a wall decoration collection especially for the kitchen? Check it out quickly and find your favorite print for the kitchen.

Decorate a small living room with an open kitchenAre you ready?

A small living room with open kitchen these tips should now be easy for you. Curious about the kitchen wall decoration? Then take here. a look.