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If you are looking for inspiration and tips for wall color, be sure to read this blog! Today we give you tips on how to wall decoration color to your interior. With different colors you can achieve different effects or emphasize the atmosphere you want to create.

Bigger, wider, longer or smaller?

Through with color on the wall you can achieve different effects. You can use color to make your space appear larger or smaller. If you have a narrow room that you want to make it look wider, choose a dark and a light color opposite each other on the long walls. If you want the room to appear less wide, opt for dark tones opposite each other. You can also add color through wall decoration. For example, think of us photo wallpaper or posters. 

Color on the wall with wall decoration

At Walljar we have different types of wall decoration such as plexiglass paintings, canvas paintings and (framed) poster. These come in all the different color combinations you can think of. Each color does something different for your interior. To determine which color on the wall must be at your home, we have tips and examples of prints that fit perfectly with this.

Light color on the wall

Light colors and pastel shades give a room more light. This often makes it seem just a bit bigger than the space is. Light colors give a positive atmosphere to the room and light colors reflect the sunlight. This allows you to make good use of the light that comes in. a light color on the wall combine with light wall decoration. What do you think of these beautiful prints for example photo wall Love?

color on the wall

A ton sur ton color on the wall

You are not necessarily looking for light colors or dark colors, but you do want everything to go well together. Then you choose tone-on-tone color on the wall† Ton-sur-ton really just means color on color. You use the same color in your wall decoration as on the wall. Dull? No not at all. Look for example how beautiful Green Monstera is on this green wall. Using multiple shades of the same color on the wall also gives a space peace of mind.

color on the wall

Dark colours

Are light colors not your thing at all? With a dark color on the wall create the right atmosphere. Dark accents create exciting contrasts. In addition, with dark tones you ensure that a large room looks a lot warmer. You can combine dark colors well with many colors. Choose light tones for a bit more contrast and choose dark tones if you want to emphasize the warm atmosphere. What we also find very beautiful with dark walls is black and white photography, as you can see in photo wall Vintage Paris.

color on the wall

Tip:: More inspiration for color on the wall† Then also read the blog about warm colors in your interior!

The more the better

Are you crazy about many different colors? That too is possible! At a neutral color on the wall can be many different colors. A collection that fits well with this is the collection Famous painters. Here you will find work by William Morris, who used a lot of color in his paintings.

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Whatever your favorite color or interior style is at Walljar we have wall decoration for everyone. From light tones to dark tones and everything in between.