Kleuren in de woonkamer

The colors in the living room are perhaps one of the most important elements that create atmosphere! Do you prefer to keep it quiet, or do you want to show that you have guts? Do you prefer soft colors or a combination of bright colours? There are many different options here. Read on to find out which color suits your living room best! 

The combination of colors

You can go in many different directions with color combinations in the living room. However, this is not always easy: trends are only temporary and therefore continue to change, tastes differ and every home is different. Using a color wheel, you can create a color combination in three ways: 

1. Contrasting Color Combination

Contrasting colors in the living room are also colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. You can think of red and green, orange and blue or yellow and purple. Contrasting color combinations make the atmosphere in the living room more lively and intense.

2. Harmonious color combination 

The combination of colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are called harmonious color combinations. Examples of harmonious color combinations are orange and red, blue and turquoise or green and yellow. Combining these colors creates a relaxed atmosphere in the living room. 

3. Tone on tone color combination 

Ton-sur-ton is a term from France, which literally means tone on tone. This is a combination of tones in the same color. This way you can choose a color and have it reflected in the living room in light, medium and dark tones. This ensures a chic living style! 

Pastel colors in the living room

pastel shades: they are very beloved for many colors in the living room. It gives a pleasant and soft atmosphere to the living room with colors such as mint green, old pink or soft yellow. Pastel colors are always soft and light colors that you can go with in many directions and can be used in any living style. You can create contrast with it in a sturdy industrial living room, or create a very sweet and cute atmosphere in a Scandinavian living room. the pastel colors in the living room make the room just that little bit brighter, happier and more airy. 

bright colors in the living room

Do you want a less soft atmosphere, and add colors that really stand out? Then go for bright colors in the living room! It is important that you choose colors that match well. In addition, you should be careful not to let too much of the same color come back, because this can come across as overwhelming. bright colors in the living room will in any case provide a lot of fun and cheerfulness.
Colors in the living room

White and light colors in the living room

What you can hardly go wrong with is adding white colors in the living room. It has been one of the most common for years colors in the living room, simply because it is a neutral color. White and light colors also make your living room look bigger! Be careful that your living room does not only consist of light and white colors: this can create a cold and boring appearance. By adding furniture made of warm materials and color accents in the decorations give the living room more warmth and atmosphere.  
Colors in the living room

Earth tones in the living room 

Would you rather go for it warm colors (collection britt abstract ofz) in the living room? Again, you can go in many directions with this. For example, you can go for dark tones, such as warm red, or for lighter, beige colors. Of course it is also possible to combine dark earth tones with lighter ones. Think of brown, sand, terracotta, beige, taupe, green or yellow. Earth tones will create an intimate atmosphere in the living room. Add some warm materials, fabrics and mood lighting and the picture is complete! 
Colors in the living room

Now add color with wall decoration!

A way to colors in the living room to add is by hanging wall decoration. We have a wide range of posters, canvas and plexiglass for your home. Discover the possibilities here