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Of course you can start your day with your favorite cup coffee. Take a moment for yourself and enjoy this intense taste before you start your hard working day. It is a moment of peace and it wakes you up well. A nice strong espresso or a nicely layered latte macchiato is fantastic to see! Your favorite coffee poster is therefore a must have in your interior!

The small cup of coffee ''the espresso''

A good espresso is prepared by forcing water through finely ground coffee under high pressure. The concentration of the coffee is therefore very high, which gives the coffee an intense taste. Many people find this very tasty, but for people who do not like strong flavors there is the cappuccino and the latte macchiato. A little one's coffee poster All espresso brewing methods condition is very popular and will give your interior a trendy vibe. Be sure to order this if you belong to team espresso!

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coffee poster

Coffee poster of the latte macchiato

The latte macchiato is a work of art in itself due to its layering. The delicious coffee consists of milk on the one hand and coffee on the other. By using a large amount of milk, the coffee is less strong and sweeter than, for example, the espresso. 

With a latte macchiato, the milk is first poured into the glass, after which two shots of espresso are added. This gives the latte macchiato a very nice layering. Finally, some milk foam is added to the top and voilà! You have your wonderful latte macchiato! 

Latte macchiato is therefore a delicious drink to drink in the evening during a nice movie or on the terrace. Can you also enjoy this delicious cup of coffee? Order now the coffee poster of this layered cup spotted!

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The '' neutral '' cappuccino

A cappuccino is a coffee that is actually somewhere between an espresso and a latte macchiato. The coffee is stronger than the latte macchiato but less strong than the espresso. The coffee consists of an espresso and frothed milk. The frothed milk is only added after the espresso. The ratio is about fifty-fifty. 

With the frothed milk, real coffeemakers can do more than just add. Some coffee makers are real artists and can make all kinds of different shapes in the coffee with the frothed milk. From hearts to animals, they can do it all. Are you a real fan of the cappuccino? Then order the coffee poster of this beauty here !
coffee poster

Coffee poster of the ''doppio''

The double espresso, or the doppio! A lovely poster is perfect as an office decoration or as a painting for the kitchen! The meaning of the word doppio comes from Italy, where it means "double". This coffee is usually served in a cappuccino cup. Interested in adding this nice poster to your interior? View the product here .


For the coffee lovers!

As a coffee lover you just have to have a coffee poster of your favorite coffee at home. This will look great in your living room or kitchen! This way you can enjoy your coffee in the morning while you have a nice cup of coffee in your hand!