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Finding the perfect maternity gift is quite a thing! Of course you don't want to run the risk that the maternity gift is not to the liking of the parents of the baby and the maternity gift ends up in the back of a cupboard. That is why we help you on your way and list various maternity gifts tips that will always be good!

#1 Practical maternity gifts

As a parent, you can't get enough of practical things. Practical gifts will always come in handy, such as: bath items, care items, hydrophilic cloths, diapers, pacifiers, etc. Remember to buy the maternity gift in a basic or subtle color, so you won't miss out!

#2 Basic maternity gifts tips

Speaking of basics, parents find it useful to get basic clothes and other basic items anyway. For example, give a beige romper, a dark blue hat or a sheet in a basic color, or make a nice box with different maternity gifts!

#3 Gift voucher as maternity gift

Do you really want to play it safe? Then you are stuck with gift vouchers like maternity gift Always good! Many parents like to receive a gift voucher, so that they can really choose what they want!

#4 Toys maternity gifts tips

A newborn also needs different toys! A sweet rattle, music box, or other toy with music will do the trick! Remember to also buy the toys in subtle colors. 

#5 Maternity gifts tips: wall decoration

Do you want an original maternity gift to give? Then you are in the right place with a nice print or poster for the baby room. Walljar has a special children's collection with baby paintings. The colors used in the collection are universal, so it can be fun for a boy but also a girl's room!

Maternity gifts tips: Click here to see the children's collection. Would you rather give a personalized maternity gift? Then you can have your own design developed at Walljar, how nice! Click here to develop your own design. 
Maternity gifts

#6 maternity gift to wish

Do you want to be sure to sit well? Feel free to ask the parents of the new born if they have any wishes. This way you buy one anyway maternity gift what comes in handy and what will be to your liking!

Inadvisable maternity gifts or pay attention with these maternity gifts

Some maternity gifts are better not to give and some gifts you should pay close attention to. We list several examples for you:

#1 Clothes. Giving clothes is a lot of fun, but can be difficult! It is important that the clothes suit the taste of the parents. When you are sure that this is the case, you can safely wear clothes like maternity gift to give. Pay attention to the size, better too big than too small.

#2 Specific room accessories. Room accessories are the same as giving clothes as maternity gift. It is important to know the taste of the parents. Are you sure you know the taste, then you can use accessories for the baby room like maternity gift to give.

#3 Educational books. Educational books are not very nice to read as maternity gift to get. Parents have often already read up on themselves and receive tips from family and friends with experience.

#4 Hugs like maternity gift. You can hardly pass those sweet, soft and cute cuddly toys for babies. Parents also enjoy hugs, (Pay attention) until they get too many. That is why we recommend not to give too large hugs or multiple hugs, but rather to go for another one maternity gift like a gift card or something else practical! It will eventually be the case that the baby has a favorite cuddly toy and the rest ends up in a storage box somewhere. 

#5 Shoes. Give shoes for the first few months if maternity gift, is a no go. Would you really like to give shoes? Then we recommend buying it based on the growth. So, for example, shoes that the newborn can wear from 1 year. 

Maternity gifts tips successfully!

We hope that our maternity gifts tips have been of some help to you! Should you have any questions? Then you can here click to contact us. 

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