landelijk interieur

Would you like to create a rural interior so that you can put your wall decoration in it? Then you are at the right place at Walljar! In this blog we tell you everything about a rural interior and how you can wall decoration can put in here!

Step 1: white, gray and brown are the colors

During the rural interior you are supposed to use earthy colors. This is mainly the color brown, but white or gray is also used regularly. The matte version is preferred because a glossy version is more towards the modern side. 

The white and / or gray color is often used for the walls and the brown color can be reflected in the furniture and accessories to create more atmosphere. But, the darker the color, the cozier the house looks and feels. So if you want to go for a brown wall, you can of course!

Step 2: getting the right furniture

When it comes to furniture, you should mainly use a lot of wooden furniture. These can be rough wooden materials. A beautiful wooden floor has always provided a cozier atmosphere, so this is certainly a good option for a rural interior. 

Moreover, wooden beams may be clearly visible and you should try to incorporate at least one robust piece of furniture in your interior. Consider, for example, an authentic table, a robust cabinet or perhaps a wooden display case. 

Also try to alternate these dark colors of the furniture with some vibrant colors in accessories or by hanging something on the wall. For accessories on the wall it is of course great fun wall decoration from the collections from Walljar to hang up!

Step 3: wdecoration and other accessories in a rural interior 

If we go to the accessories of one rural interior looking it is trendy to place a plant or flower here and there. This gives a little more color and life to the room.

Rural interior  

In addition, you often see a fireplace in a rural interior. After all, a fireplace is the definition of cosiness. Don't have a fireplace? Then nowadays you also have electric wall fireplaces that you can attach to the wall.


For wall art are the collections vintage cities, plant en flowers the must to get into you rural interior to hang up. This one wall decorations give your interior a beautiful landscape to look at and bring a natural atmosphere that makes your interior even more alive. 

Step 4: the heart of your home 

Try to make your kitchen the heart of your home in a rural interior. This is where all the fun takes place. Here is not only eaten and cooked, but also friends come to have a drink, play games and so on. That is why it is nice to purchase a long wooden dining table that many people can sit at. The best thing is to have an open kitchen that is inviting and where everyone can walk in and sit down.

Do you have your rural interior found it?

Order your now wall decoration from one of Walljar's collections around you rural interior to furnish!