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your favorite landscape painting of Asia can be found at Walljar! We truly have the most beautiful sights of this gigantic continent. Many of the most beautiful places in the world can be found here. Whether it's a beautiful bay, a huge mountain or a crystal clear lake, Walljar has it!

A landscape painting from Ha Long Bay

Landscape painting  

Ha Long Bay Vietnam is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The beautiful clear blue water will really amaze you. Together with the green overgrown rocks it is a beautiful color combination and also a beautiful landscape painting for at home. 

Take a cruise through the bay

Besides that you can admire this heavenly place with your eyes, there are also fun activities that you can do. For example, you can take a nice boat trip through the vast bay of Ha Long. Sailing along the gigantic rocks with a cruise ship and taking pictures, who wouldn't want that? 

Kayaking along the floating market

Landscape painting  

In addition to taking a cruise, you can of course also look for something more sporty. You can also rent a few kayaks. While doing this, you can visit the floating market in Ha Long Bay. 

The inhabitants of the bay have cute stalls floating on the water where they sell both food and other products. Here you can float along with your kayak to buy a cold drink or fresh apple. 

See the deep caves of Ha Long Bay

The bay is not complete without its beautiful caves. When you visit these breathtaking places, you can get a tour from a guide. Some of the caves have openings at the top of the cave. Through the opening, a beautiful beam of light shines into the cave, which only makes the cave more beautiful. 

Looking a little higher with a sightseeing flight

Landscape painting  

There is also the option to take a scenic flight over the vast bay in a small plane. From the plane you can really see how big the bay is and how many islands the bay consists of. 

The pearl farm

Have you ever seen how a pearl farm works? Probably not! This is very interesting. In Ha Long Bay, the water is extremely suitable for pearl farming. First, the oysters are caught in nets. The pearl is then placed in the mouth of the oysters. 

After that, the mouth of the oyster is closed and the animal is released back into the water. The oyster grows together with the pearl and after a certain time the oysters are fished again and the pearls are sold on the floating market. 

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Is Ha Long Bay also one of your favorite landscapes?

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