Landschap schilderijen

In general, nature is good for our well-being and health. It gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation, fascination and dedication, stress reduction and well-being: it is the natural environment that makes us feel good. Hanging beautiful landscape paintings not only looks beautiful, it is also good for your health! Discover our landscape paintings now and maybe there is something beautiful for you!

About landscape paintings

When is love for landscape paintings actually originated? People have loved it for thousands of years landscape art, but it was not until the end of the 15th century that it became a recognized art genre! Landscape art has something special and attracts almost everyone regardless of age, gender and nationality. But what makes this kind schilderijen well so special?

Landscape art is the representation of natural landscape. The emphasis is often on mountains, trees, rivers, forests, valleys, coastline and other nature reserves. You usually don't see a humanistic element in this, which makes it so interesting, because it does have a certain effect on spectators!Landscape paintings

Emotions in landscape paintings

By kunst van landscape paintings is that it often reflects a certain mood or emotion and can also make you feel something. For example, when you look at a painting at sunset, do you feel a certain warm feeling? Probably! The fact that we have all experienced such a moment in reality allows us to experience an emotional connection with landscape art. We can all understand.  

The weather also plays a major role in art; moody atmospheres with rough seas, for example, will create a dark, dramatic and hectic atmosphere. As humans, the weather affects our lives every day, so landscape paintings gray weather can certainly have an intense effect on our mood or emotions!

The power of landscapes

The landscape is generally a powerful subject that can portray a wide spectrum of emotions, but it can also be used as a genre true artists be able to show their skills.
Landscape painting
Landscape paintings can are also about capturing a beautiful moment and capturing natural events that others may never get to see, especially when it comes to photography! 

We all have access to the outside world, which is one reason why landscape art it is one of the most accessible art forms. 

Looking for landscape paintings?

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