Lege muur decoreren op kantoor

An empty wall: it is not only boring, it also ensures that the atmosphere in the workspace is unsociable. Especially in the office, where everyone should be so productive, it is important that the working atmosphere is good. This of course starts with decorating an empty wall! That's easier said than done, because what exactly are suitable wall decorations for the office? You can read everything about decorating an empty wall in the office in this blog!

Appearance at the office

When decorate empty wall it is first of all important to think carefully about what look you want to give the wall on office. At the office there are various options for what you can hang: from different office types, works of art, coffee posters to inspiring quotes. Here we explain different types of wall decoration that are perfect for your office:

1. Characters in the office

Everyone on office recognize this: you always have that one colleague who is exactly the type. Think of all the different types such as: The Busy Bee, The Clown, The Inventor and The Latecomer. The decorate empty wall That's why you do it at the office by hanging this cozy wall decoration!
Office wall decoration

2. Black and white inspiration

A decorate empty wall at the office you can do this by hanging minimalistic posters with clear quotes on them. This way everyone in the office is immediately inspired! Hang this one for example T poster along with this one Think Outside The Box I poster on. That gives even more inspiration to think bigger. 

3. Coffee posters

Something that brings us all a lot of support and energy at the office is of course coffee! Whether it's a Cortado, Affogato, Cappuccino or an Espresso, it ensures that we get through the day as well and productively as possible. So hang up these fun prints! These coffee posters are ideal to hang at the coffee corner on office
coffee posters

4. Motivation Posters

When you need motivation again, quotes like "Keep moving," "Rock Bottom Teaches You Lessons That Mountaintops Never Will," or "Slow Progress is Still Progress" work really well. This way, everyone in the office is immediately motivated to continue working! View our entire Motivation collection and choose your favorite motivational wall decoration. 

5. Quotes wall decoration

Walt Disney once said, 'All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.' This is, of course, an inspiring quote. In addition to this quote, we also have quotes from Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. All greats who have achieved something in their own way. A decorate empty wall op office you do this by hanging the quotes of these greats, so everyone has something to think about and get back to work!
Office wall decoration

6. Abstract art

Do you just want something different than all those inspiring quotes? Then go for abstract designs! It looks unique and immediately gives the office a luxurious look. For example, combine the Calming Shapes with the Shapes Water. It looks calming and makes everyone forget the stress of the office for a while! 
Office wall decoration

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Decorating Blank Wall at the office for extra motivation!

Whether you choose wall decoration with office characters, coffee posters, black and white inspiration, motivational wall decoration or quotes, eventually everyone in the office will be inspired to get started and be as productive as possible. The decorate empty wall so at the office you do your favorite office wall decoration from Walljar to choose and hang!