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We have something new! At Walljar we now have a sale page full of nice posters and other wall decorations. Of the posters on the sale page, there is only one or sometimes a few pieces in stock for that price. The sale page is regularly updated with new products. In this blog we highlight our sale favorites of the moment. 

These are our favorite nice posters 

1. Goten Yama Hill - Kasushika Hokusai

Our first favorite is from one of the most famous Japanese artists Kasushika Hokusai. In addition to being a printmaker, he was also a painter and draftsman. Hokusai was inspired for this work by the beautiful pink blossom. Poster Goten Yama Hill is available on the sale page in the format 50 x 70 centimeters. 

nice posters

2. Holland Park Carpet - William Morris

Our number two is this beautiful print by designer William Morris. Holland Park Carpet is probably one of Morris' most original carpet designs. In this work you see influences from the Middle Ages, nature and oriental precision. This poster is available on sale in the format 40 x 60 centimeters. 

nice posters

Curious about more about William Morris? Then read the blog William Morris and his special art

3.Brown Hill 

Brown mountains stand out nicely against a bright blue sky. Brown hill is a poster from the collection Nature - Landscapes† This collection is full nice posters for any interior. You can choose from beautiful photo art and abstract landscapes. Poster Brownhill is available on sale in the format 70 x 100 cm. 

nice posters

4. Give Up Coffee

A little humor in the house is of course indispensable. One nice poster for the real coffee lover. For example in the kitchen. Need more inspiration for nice posters in the kitchen? Then read the blog Create the look: kitchen posters† You can find Give Up Coffee in the sale in the format 40 x 60 centimeters. 

nice posters

5. Plastic Black Photo Frame

In our nice posters good lists cannot of course be missing. Are you still looking for a plastic black photo frame in the format 50 x 70 centimeters, then you're in luck! There is now one of them on our sale page. This exactly fits Goten Yama Hill - Kasushika Hokusai. Do you choose one of the others nice posters who doesn't have this size, but do you need a frame? Then look at the page lists. 

nice posters

Yet MORE nice posters

In addition to our favorites, there are of course more products on the sale page. If you can't find what you are looking for there, we simply have our entire range full of nice posters. Is the offer too overwhelming for you? Then view our photo walls for inspiration. If you click on this. you will immediately be taken to a page with the products from the gallery wall. 

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Our sale page is regularly supplemented with nice posters. The sale does not only contain posters, but also, for example, frames and canvas paintings.