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You need a new interior or want to purchase some nice accessories for your home. But where do you do that? Nowadays there are many home furnishings stores that have a wide range so that we can no longer see the wood for the trees. Don't worry, in this blog you can read everything about nice home furnishings stores in the Netherlands!

Lnice home stores online

If you don't feel like walking around a furniture boulevard all day long to visit all kinds of furniture stores, then online furniture stores are really something for you. While you are sitting comfortably on the couch or a chair, you can scroll through all the furniture and home accessories! Those are again nice furniture stores


Fonq has been named the best webshop of 2021 in the living category in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is a nice and clear website where you can find everything for your interior. In addition, there is also a lot of decision aid and inspiration on the website. You can find a part of our range here on the FonQ website!
nice furniture stores


In addition to the webshop, VTwonen also has its own television program called 'Weerliefde op je huis' and a housing magazine which they publish monthly. On the website you can find a lot of inspiration for every room in the house and garden. VTwonen does not only sell their own home collections, but also other brands. Click here to find the Walljar collection on the VTwonen website!


Naduvi is an online outlet store for interior items from various top brands. Whatever your living style, everyone can come here for your dream furniture and accessories. And that too with a discount! In addition to furniture, lighting, decoration and plants, our collection can also be found on the website!


If you're looking for design furniture and home accessories, you've come to the right place Flinders at the right address! Whether you are looking for an original sofa or a personal home accessory, with more than 36.000 design products you know how to give your interior a unique twist. 
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Goossens is a furniture store with a wide range of living and bedroom furniture. You can quickly find your new sofa, box spring, lamp or side table on the well-arranged website. And would you rather see the product in person instead of ordering it online? That's no problem, because Goossens has 21 physical home stores, spread all over the Netherlands!

Physical home stores

Online shopping is easy and clear, but it is also nice to really see a product before you buy it. These are physical nice furniture stores!


Shed5 has several branches spread across the Netherlands that are at least 15.000 m2 in size. You can easily admire everything a day further because of the large amount of choice of furniture and home accessories. Whatever your living style, at Loods5 you will in any case find what you are looking for. 
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If you pay more attention to the price, Quantum is ideal. In addition to affordable furniture and home accessories, Kwantum also sells paint, wallpaper, lighting, floors, curtains and window decoration. You don't have to travel far to visit the Kwantum, because there are more than 100 physical stores in the Netherlands! In addition, Quantum also has a good webshop where you can order your favorite products.
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You might not think it at first, but Karwei also has an extensive range full of the nicest furniture and home accessories that respond to the trend of today! And do you also want to paint or get DIY supplies? Super handy, you can do that here too. 

Shopping in nice furniture stores!

Nice furniture stores are available both physically and online. Go quickly to the online home furnishings stores Fonq, VTwonen and Naduvi to shop our collection or go to our own webshop!

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