Line art posters

One of the biggest design trends of 2021: line art poster. Combining the art of minimalism with handmade illustrations. Very simple, but a very good filler for the wall!

What is Line Art?

Line art is a simple combination of illustration and minimalism. These two aspects have always been sought after in design and interior design. In line art art often uses dark, clean lines without a shadow. This makes line art very cool to fill in an empty space! We talk to one of our designers Suheda about her new line art poster collection. Line art posters

What inspired you to create this collection?

I personally find line art very interesting, it is quite strange that something so simple can be so popular and sought after. The addition that such an illustration can bring is greater than many people think. If you want to hang something small without it demanding too much attention, but still remain interesting, I always come up with: line art. That's what I based the collection on. Not too much attention, but still interesting!

What can we expect from the line art poster collection?

What you will probably quickly notice about the collection is that I have been working a lot with the human body. This way you see the female figure, faces and a few famous people. The designs of the human body are very trendy at the moment and are an easy way to bring modern art into your home.

Why did you choose these colors for the collection?

While creating the collection, I chose to stick with the black and white contrast. These are of course opposites of each other and complement each other like no other. This way you can easily hang it in a busier photo wall. It is a nice filling for empty spaces and is easy to combine with all other colors in an interior.

Line art posters

What is your own favourite?

One of my favorites is the 'One line face pattern'. This is a pattern of a woman's face illustrated with one line. This is the only pattern in this collection that makes this design really unique. This one belongs to a series of three line art poster, of which the other two are the 'One line woman' and the 'Outline woman' to be.

Can you tell us more about this series of three line art poster?

These posters are all based on the same female face, but they are all worked out differently. The pattern is part of the 'one line woman', this illustration is continued in one line. The 'outline woman', on the other hand, is illustrated in several lines. I did this so that the extreme lines of the design stand out more and really stand out!
Line art posters

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Now that you know everything about our new line art collection or you might have seen something you would like to hang on the wall, you can start shopping! Discover all posters in the line art collection.