Line art posters

Line art posters using simple lines and line art is an easy way to bring more trendy art into your home. With these line art posters you can be sure that you have a house where you keep up with the trends of the interior. If you like a minimalist style, these posters from the line art collection could be your perfect match! Check out which styles line art Walljar is has in her collection!

wedding line art poster

Are you also someone who prefers not to give money as a gift? Then we have the perfect wedding gift for you: wedding line art! This way the couple will be reminded of their beautiful day every day!

line art poster

Photography line art poster

Here we just gave a different touch to photography art, because we have line art added! How cool are these posters!

line art poster

Woman line art poster

A whole collection full of women's art, you can find the silhouettes of different women on a nude paint-like background. These posters are certainly one of Walljar's bestsellers!

line art poster

Animals line art poster 

If you like a minimalist style, this line art poster could be your perfect match! The minimalistic, hand-drawn design works well in the nursery. This design is available in a dark and light version and is available on the materials poster, canvas and plexiglass.
Animals line art

Which line art poster are you going for?

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