Warme kleuren in de woonkamer

Orange, the color of happiness, warmth and enthusiasm. We all know the color orange as the color of the Netherlands. The name comes from Willem van Oranje's surname. The man who led the revolt against the Spanish Empire in the Golden Age. Find out more about living room inspiration warm colors in this article!

You see orange everywhere, especially in sports. Just look at the Dutch national team, for example. When people see orange playing football, they get a happy and pleasant feeling inside. We get a sense of togetherness and feel united. 

Living room inspiration warm colors

It is often said that orange is too overpowering a color and you should avoid it as much as possible, but the opposite is true. If you look at Walljar's, for example landscapes collection you can see that orange goes well with other colors. 

Orange, the color of beautiful nature photos

In Walljar's landscapes collection you will find lots of nice orange prints. So have you Sunrise Mmountain Luttach with a beautiful sunset in the background. Or the beautiful orange desert of Desert Erg Chebbi combined with the sky blue sky that hangs above it. 

You often encounter the beautiful color orange in nature. Just think of the beautiful moments you have experienced, or photos you sometimes see of a landscape. This almost always contains the color orange.

Sometimes it is the beautiful sunset, sometimes the reflection of the sun on the water, the horizon in the desert or the desert sand itself. Whatever it is, it's orange and it looks stunning!

Orange fruit, nice and refreshing 

If you ask someone to name an orange object, they will name a fruit nine times out of ten. The fiery color is often associated with fruits such as oranges, tangerines and the inside of papayas. You can also find these fruits as wall decoration in the food collection from Walljar. So be sure to order one wall decoration of warm color '' orange '' around you living room to decorate!

The color for both clothes and flowers

If you look at our Asian art then you see that there are images of Asians with beautiful Asian paintings on their clothing. In combination with the rest of their clothing, this goes perfectly together. It is not overbearing and you can hang it in your room. So the color doesn't just match well wall decoration, but also with clothing.

In addition, orange flowers are from our flowers collection also very nice to literally brighten up your home. In addition to living plants, you can of course also use plants wall decoration. A beautiful poster of ours orange tritonia crocata gives your home so much more atmosphere than you might think! So be sure to order this at Walljar!

5 x living room inspiration warm colors

Orange print

Orange print from the Asia collection

This cheerful print comes from the Asia collection! The bright orange background makes it a real winner. Together with the unique color combination, it is a real must-have! You can get the print here shopping.


Warm colors living room

Beautiful picture of the sunset

Traveling is a bit difficult at the moment and shooting a beautiful sunset snapshot in the mountains is unfortunately not really possible. This beautiful print with an orange glow of the sunset is a pearl of our landscape collection. Incredibly beautiful and suitable for the orange annual party. You shop the print here

Warm colors living room

The sweetest orange prints 

Yes, these deliciously sweet prints also deserve a place in this list! These orange prints will remind you to take in some extra vitamins. You shop this cheerful print here


Warm colors living room  

Colorful orange flowers 

Our flowers collection is full of colorful prints of flowers that will brighten up your interior optimally! But 1 print from this collection deserves a special place in this blog, and that is the Tritonia Crocata with its beautiful orange petals. 


Warm colors living room  

Orange print of your favorite city

We have prints of the most beautiful cities in the Netherlands in various colors, including orange! If you have a great memory in a certain city, an orange city print is a winner to take home. Discover the prints in the cities collection

Found living room inspiration warm colors?

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