Marokkaanse badkamer

It's totally hip: the Moroccan bathroom. Not crazy too! The Moroccan bathroom radiates warmth and cosiness, where you can enjoy a moment with your partner or for yourself. The colors from the Moroccan style look very cheerful in the bathroom and are fun to combine with each other. The Moroccan style is comprehensive. This allows you to go in many directions with your own accessories and color combinations. We have listed 7 different tips for you for creating a beautiful Moroccan bathroom!

#1 In a real one moroccan bathroom, belongs a wall in style

In Moroccan bathroom you can go in many directions with the walls. We are a big fan of walls with character and that's why we explain two options that we love. 

1) structure on walls. Nowadays there is paint that gives the walls a rough structure, a kind of concrete look. This paint is available in different colors. For a real Moroccan bathroom you go for earth tones. These are colors that come back in nature, such as beige, terracotta, taupe, brown, but also soft green and yellow.

 2) tiles on the walls. You can go in all kinds of directions with tiles, especially in a Moroccan bathroom. Tiles give a cozy atmosphere and dress the Moroccan bathroom On. There are many different types, sizes and colors of tiles, with which you can make many fun creations. For a subtle effect, choose a color tile and for a playful effect, choose different (small) colored tiles. 

#2 The floors are very important in a Moroccan bathroom

Tiles on the floors are typical of a Moroccan bathroom. For example, we prefer robust stones on the ground for a spacious effect. Of course you can also use all kinds of small tiles. In addition, you often see concrete floors in a Moroccan bathroom.

Moroccan bathroom  

Concrete floors, or look-a-like floors, provide a calm and sturdy base. Before you start with the floors and walls, it is useful to find a beautiful whole, together it is the basis for a Moroccan bathroom and the most important thing to start with. 

#3 Moroccan art: paintings and posters

An easy and fun way to decorate your bathroom Moroccan to finish atmospheres, or a touch Morocco to add is through art!

Moroccan bathroom  

Walljar has an extensive Morocco collection. This collection is also very nice to give as a gift and can also be used in other rooms in addition to the bathroom. 

#4 Moroccan bathroom lamps give sfeer

A lamp does a lot in a bathroom and determines the entire atmosphere. This is because the light from the lamp shines into the bathroom in a certain way. If you hang a lamp with holes or other figures in it, you will get a different light than if you hang a closed lampshade, where the light does not come through properly.

Of course we are in the Moroccan bathroom very fan of Moroccan lamps, where the light comes through in a cozy way. You have a lot of different Moroccan lamps, that's why we recommend scouring the internet in search of your perfect lamp!

#6 Moroccan send 

Moroccan bathroom  

In a typical Moroccan bathroom woven or wicker baskets cannot be missed. These make it Moroccan atmosphere, but are also ideal for storing things. You can stack a few nice baskets on top of each other, put them on a shelf or of course in another piece of furniture. What is also very nice is a woven or wicker laundry basket. With a lid, so you don't look at your dirty laundry.

#6 Jars and others Moroccan bathroom accessories 

Moroccan pots or vases will be your Moroccan bathroom finish completely. You have all kinds of pots and vases that will fit in well with the style, but other accessories will also complete the whole, such as bathroom mats. Another accessory that can't be missing and that fits you very well with a Moroccan style can buy is a mirror. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes.

Moroccan bathroom  

We've been in them before Moroccan bathrooms came across, the nice one with a coarse edge with a mosaic piece in it. Or coarse and large in concrete, or of course the trend to hang several mirrors from reed or another natural material. 

Moroccan bathroom with a personal touch?

We hope you have benefited from the tips and have a great Moroccan bathroom creates. View the entire collection here . If you want a personalized print in the bathroom from for example a cool photo that you put in yourself Morocco or just have a nice photo that fits in the Moroccan bathroom? Then take contact with us!