Decorating a girl's room can be quite a challenge. Do you have no inspiration or are you looking for creative ideas for the girl's room that suit your little girl? No worries! Walljar has listed useful tips for you for creating the ideal girl's room. 

# 1 Pick a theme

Where to start? Not quite sure how you want to decorate your daughter's girl's room? It is useful to come up with a specific theme or color pattern to use as a common thread for the further design.

# 2 Pretty pink isn't ugly in the girls room?

The one girl is the other girl not. But what all girls They agree that their room is their favorite spot. Here they can be themselves and play endlessly, alone or with friends. It is important that they feel comfortable and at home in their room.

When you meet a girl you immediately think of the color pink. The color pink comes in many different shades, so you can go in many directions with this color. Pink brings sweetness to the girls room and is a lot of fun to use regardless of whether your girl a real one girl girl is or a tough one girl

Use an old pink color or a neutral pink color. These shades are subtle, soft and yet girlsish. In addition, these shades are easy to combine! 

# 3 Modern and sleek girls room

A girl's room can be hip and sleek. You can go in many directions with the furniture to achieve this. Tip: use natural materials such as: rattan and brass. These materials go well with pink and other soft tones on the walls and are completely contemporary!

In addition to the rattan and brass materials, vintage furniture is completely pristine and timeless. Vintage has been totally hot lately. You can buy vintage items and furniture at various stores and thrift stores. Add vintage items to the girls room for a unique interior and cool look! Vintage items also look very nice with old pink and other subtle shades. 

# 4 Easily create different angles in the girls room

It is nice to create different 'corners' in a room. It's very simple: group some fun furniture together and you're done! For example, make a corner with a desk, a trendy chair (as an office chair) and hang a shelf above it (with books and accessories, such as wall decoration from our webshop) for a homework corner. Or make a corner with a cool floor lamp, a trendy large chair and a nice large plant for one sitting area / reading area.

#5 Wallpaper

Do you want to make it a bit more exciting? With wallpaper you can go in all sorts of directions. It just depends on what you prefer and whether you want a drawing, print or motif on the wall. There are many different types of wallpaper, which add different atmospheres to one girls room can give. We recommend not to use too many different colors or too many busy prints, this does not give the girl's room a calm appearance, which is very important. 

#6 Girls room dress up with rugs

Rugs will be the girls room make it completely cozy. It not only looks a lot dressed up, but it is also nice and warm at your feet girl when she gets out of bed in the morning, or to play with a soft surface. 

# 7 Mosquito net for the atmosphere

Mosquito nets can be very useful against mosquitoes and other insects in the summer. In addition, a mosquito net can certainly add something to the girls room. It looks nice and gives a fairytale atmosphere. Many girls feel like a real princess when they fall asleep under the mosquito net and feel safe. 

# 8 Wall decor in the girls room

You like the walls in the girls room easy on by using wall decoration. There are many different wall decorations. You can put up a personal print, such as a photo with family. Or a general poster or print. You can of course use one large painting, but also a few middle sizes in a row, or different sizes in a formation (to create a nice photo wall to create). It is also nice to place one or more small paintings on a shelf. View here the range of Walljar and choose great wall decoration for the girls room

Girl's room wall decoration

# 9 Hooks on the wall

Brackets on the wall are very useful. For example for hanging a bathrobe. Or to use to hang decoration, such as a cute cardigan or a princess dress. This is an easy and trendy way to decorate the wall!

# 10 Mobiles to top it off

Mobiles are not only suitable for the nursery, but also great for the girls room. You hang it above a piece of furniture, such as above a bed or a desk. Mobiles come in all kinds of variants and sizes. These accessories dress the room even more and give a nice effect. 

View wall decoration for the girl's room!

We hope that the tips for making a great girls' room have helped you! Take have a look at our range for great wall decoration.