Mindfulness quotes

A new collection of posters that contributes to your self-confidence. With this mindfulness quotes you will see that living mindfully and living in the moment benefits from your self-development. Take a look at the 10 most beautiful mindfulness quotes!

I am worthy

'I am worthy of good things.'

Feeling good starts with yourself, allow yourself love and good things. You can practice this by writing down nice things about yourself and hanging them in a place you visit every day, such as at the mirror or in your wardrobe. When you see this note, read your note out loud and really believe in it. With this mindfulness quotes you will see that your self-esteem will certainly rise!

Mindful quotes

you are more

'You are more than the things that have been done to you.'

Have you experienced things in the past that you would rather not have experienced? Then remember that you are more than the things you have experienced. A new beginning is for everyone, so start today and make new beautiful memories together with your friends, family and loved ones. 

Mindful quotes

attractive energy

'Be the energy you want to attract. '

The energy with which you start your day will make a world of difference in your day. If you already start grumpy, your day will certainly not get any better. But if you start with a smile on your face, you will receive it back!

Mindful quotes

your value

'Your value is not based on your productivity.'

Your worth is not based on your achievements, but rather on your personality, how you treat others, your compassion and ideas and your unique perspective on life. Don't be afraid to be judged on your performance.

Mindful quotes

For You

'Work on you for you.'

Work hard on yourself for no one but yourself. Because in the end no one else but you will benefit from this. With this mindfulness quotes on the wall you will live an attentive life. 

Mindful quotes


'relax. You will end up where you're supposed to be.'

Take time for yourself, you'll eventually end up where you're supposed to be. It's good to set goals, but if you don't succeed once, it's okay. Take your time! With this mindfulness quotes poster will remind you to relax and dwell on the moment. 

Mindful quotes


'Taking care of yourself is productive.'

Productivity is not only about working, working on yourself is also productive. When you get to know yourself better in your behavior and reaction to situations, you can respond better to other people in the future. With this mindfulness quotes you will be able to work on yourself making you more and more productive in life!

Mindful quotes

Don't compare

'Only compare yourself, to your previous self.'

Do not compare yourself with others, but with yourself from the past. Do you see that you have experienced tremendous growth? Then be proud of yourself! Comparing yourself to others is pointless. Everyone is unique!

Mindful quotes

being nice

'Being a nice person means being nice to yourself as well.'

Being nice means not only being kind to others but also to yourself. We all have days that go a little less, this is also part of life. Live in the moment and be aware that this too comes and goes. 

Mindful quotes

Prioritize boundaries

'Stop feeling guilty about prioritizing your boundaries.'

With this mindfulness quotes you will be reminded that setting boundaries for yourself is important. You don't have to apologize for this, because if you feel it isn't right, it's best to listen to this feeling. 

Mindful quotes

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