Minimalistische slaapkamer

You see it more and more often: a beautiful minimalist bedroom. One even more beautiful than the other! Where many soft colors and natural materials can be found.

Rest is a very important aspect in a bedroom. By a minimalist bedroom Do you not only create a quiet and beautiful room, it also makes you sleep better! Would you also minimalist bedroom want to create? We are happy to help you and have listed various tips for you!

#1 The basics 

The basis for a minimalist bedroom , working online and earning money via minimalist interior are white and light or basic colours. We recommend the walls in you bedroom white or light color. This creates an optically larger space. In addition, it radiates more tranquility than heavy and dark tones on the walls. This will make your bedroom appear smaller than if you use light colors.

It is also important to maintain a certain color pattern in the room and possibly to have a somewhat brighter color return in the details if you like this. For example, decide to work with the colours: grey, white and old pink. Or white, beige and black! 
Minimalist bedroom

#2 Light

The light in a minimalist bedroom is very important. During the day it's nice when the bedroom light, so you get energy. Dark rooms with insufficient light do not provide energy.

In addition to the daytime, it is important that there is also sufficient light in the evening. It's fun in a minimalist bedroom using different types of light, such as a large lamp on the ceiling (the main light) and smaller lights in the room, such as a table lamp on a bedside table. Tip: we recommend placing a dimmer on lamps, so that you can adjust the light to the desired atmosphere.

#3 Mirrors in a minimalist bedroom

During the minimalist bedroom, where a calm and spacious look is popular, it is a good idea to hang mirrors. Mirrors provide an even more spacious feeling and are of course very nice in you bedroom to have hung. You can go for mirrors with frames, but also without. The thinner the frame, the more subtle the appearance on the wall! 

#4 A work of art is complete! 

Wall decoration is a very nice addition to a bedroom with a minimalist interior. Art and other posters and prints can be subtle additions that look great in the bedroom. Take a look at our wide range art and other wall decoration and who knows, you might find something suitable for you bedroom

Which art we recommend in a bedroom with a minimalist interior? That is a personal question, but we have listed a number of collections for you to make it a bit easier:

1. Plant Collection

De plants collection is a collection in which many calm serene shades are used. The collection consists of different types of plants, leaves and cacti that are designed in a sleek way. The plant collection is a collection that is suitable for many different spaces and can certainly be used in a quiet environment bedroom come into its own! This subtly adds some color to the minimalist bedroom and green is associated with tranquility, making it an ideal match! Search nu your favorite plant! 

2. Flower Collection

De flowers collection is completely suitable for your minimalist bedroom something extra to brighten up and finish! In a minimalist bedroom, a print from the flower collection can come into its own so beautifully. It will be an eye-catcher in the bedroom can be and the flowers will be the bedroom just add a little more color! It is very nice to hang different prints from this collection in frames next to or below each other! Search nu your favorite flower!

3. Vintage Cities

In vintage cities collection you will find different beautiful prints back, which fit completely in a minimalist bedroom with a sleek interior. These black and white prints radiate tranquility and are beautiful to hang. They can look very cool above the bed or on an empty wall, where they hang freely! Search nu print out your favorite cities! 

Minimalist bedroom

#5 Fabrics and materials 

The fabrics and materials are incredibly important in a minimalist bedroom. The beds in a minimalist bedroom are often the middle and most important point. Linen duvets or duvets made of soft crispy materials are highly recommended. In addition, a beautiful bedspread or plaid made of a nice thick fabric with a pattern in it. To top it off, decorate the bed with pillows in soft tones. This will ensure that you can't wait to go to bed at night!

#6 Wood

Wood is an ideal material to work with in a minimalist bedroom en minimalist interior. Wood breathes tranquility and is a natural material. Wood is very cool to combine with white and light tones, but also certain materials, such as rattan and linen.

A wooden cabinet can be very cool, but a small piece of wooden furniture can also add character. Which type of wood you use is of course something personal! But if you want to create character in a minimalist interior, we recommend using medium to dark wood with a vintage look! 

#7 Keep it clean

in a mminimalist bedroom nothing is more important than keeping the room clean. This means not putting too many knick-knacks and other trinkets in your room. That is why it is very useful to use nice bins, or to make good use of the cupboards and storage space you have. You can do this by means of handy storage tools for the cabinets and drawers. If you are still short of space, you can use nice baskets and bins, made of materials such as rattan and cane!

Find your painting for the minimalist bedroom!

Do you think art is just as nice an addition to a minimalist bedroom if we? then click here to your minimalist bedroom complete with art and other wall decoration!