Moderne tv meubels

Looking for modern TV furniture for your home living room? There are many styles and materials to choose from. Need inspiration? These are the TV furniture trends of today! 

Modern TV furniture in white

Modern TV furniture in white are very popular! Furniture in white provides a calming and neat appearance. Especially if you have a white interior, a white TV cabinet is a trendy option. For example, a white TV furniture with gloss is super modern and fits a modern interior
Modern TV furniture

Modern TV furniture with a light or dark wood color

Do you want a little more warmth than a white TV furniture provides? Then are modern tv furniture with a light wood color worth considering. This mainly fits well in a Scandinavian living style! When you want to give your interior a bit more a tough, industrial look want to give, be modern tv furniture with a dark wood color which is what you should go for. Especially in combination with metal you ensure a cool, modern look! 
Modern TV furniture

colorful modern tv furniture

Do you like color more? Then create a cosy, striking TV corner at home! Choose a color that matches the other colors in your interior. There are several modern tv furniture with cheerful colors to choose from; live it up! Curious which color fits well with your interior? Read our blog about colors in the living room
Modern TV furniture

floating modern tv furniture

Floating TV furniture has a minimalist look and fit perfectly with the modern living style. Because there are no legs under the furniture and there is free space around the furniture, the space looks open and spacious. In addition, it is also easier to clean: and does not collect dirt under the TV furniture! floating modern tv furniture are available in different versions and designs, so it will always match your living wishes! 
Modern TV furniture

Partly open modern tv furniture

Modern TV furniture having a closed section in combination with an open section can be very useful. For example, the closed part ensures that everything is neatly stored and there is a quiet atmosphere, while the open part can be useful if, for example, you have a music system that you want to be able to operate easily. In addition, an open TV furniture has a playful appearance and can be used in any interior

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Modern TV furniture

Gained inspiration? 

We hope you have gained enough inspiration. Good luck with your search modern tv furniture and hopefully you will find something that suits you! Still looking for nice decorations for your TV furniture? Find out here our entire range!

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