Moederdag idee

Our dear mothers, what would we do without them? Today is the day to put the mothers in the spotlight, namely Mother's Day! On this day we let our mothers know how much we love them! Writing a sweet card or nice words mean more than all the gifts combined. But... since giving and receiving presents is simply fun, we have a great idea as a gift for your mother! 

Art like cadeau

Art expresses itself in many forms, such as in sculptures and paintings, which is always one cool idea for a gift remains. We have a wide range of paintings and prints for your dear moeder to be ready. Art is the perfect cadeau to meet you moeder to give! You figure it out yourself (so you make an effort), it will be a huge surprise and it is permanent gift!

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Tastes differ

Find out what you moeder likes. This way you can pick out a painting that you think is good for you moeder suits! If you are not sure? We put the collection that we think are very suitable for mothersFor you to line up to get you on one ideas bring.

# 1 City of origin

What a very timeless and cool cadeau is is a painting of a city. But not just any city, no; the city where you moeder was born where she now lives or her favorite city! The cities collection is a collection with all kinds of buildings from different cities. This collection is available in black, blue, green and orange. 

In addition to the cities collection, we have the vintage cities and city maps collection. In vintage cities collection you can find different paintings and posters from a vintage visor. So, buildings from the past and special other places in the Netherlands! This collection is available in black and white. In the city ​​maps collection you will find maps of all kinds of cities in the Netherlands. These are available in black with white, but also in white with black as the predominant color. 
Mother's Day ideaThe cities collection, vintage cities collection and city maps collection are all the rage these days. The paintings and posters give character to the interior and are cool to have in your home. All three collections are available on (framed) poster, canvas and plexiglass. 

# 2 Flowers make moms happy

Mothers often receive flowers on Mother's Day, very nice of course! But a bit standard ... so why not give flowers on a cool painting as a gift? 

Flowers make mothers happy and are very suitable to brighten up the house even more. Our flowers collection includes many colorful and bright paintings and prints. All floral prints are subtle and detailed. Very nice to give with a nice frame around it as a small painting, but also nice as a large print for a, still empty, place. 

# 3 Minimalist mothers

For the mothers who love minimalist art and have a calm interior is the plants collection very suitable. The plant collection consists of plants, leaves and cacti that have a serene and peaceful appearance. These plant paintings and posters are definitely an addition! The color green does well and if you moeder loves subtle art or nature, this is definitely a match! Since the plant collection is quite basic, you cannot easily go wrong moeder. In addition, the plant paintings are easy to combine and she will probably find a nice place for them!
Mother's Day ideaAnother collection that is very suitable on mothers Day cadeau to give to the mothers who love minimalism is: the line art collection. This collection consists of a range of paintings and posters using line art. This means an illustration with straight and curved lines, without using shadows or multiple colors. Usually these illustrations are made in monochrome. Ideal for all kinds of interiors and certainly to play it safe with you moeder!

View the rest of the collection for a Mother's Day gift!

We hope we will enjoy you ideas have brought. Are you curious about the rest of our range of great collections? Surprise your moeder with a neat painting and choose here your favorite. For questions you can always contact us via the live chat.

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