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Get completely into the Moroccan atmosphere with the photo wall Mosaic Tiles† The different Moroccan paintings can be combined well in any interior! Take a quick look at the designs in this gallery wall.

The designs in the Moroccan photo wall 

At Walljar we have a beautiful collection with Moroccan posters† We have put together mosaic tiles gallery wall with a number of designs from this collection. For a nice symmetrical effect, we opted for two large and two smaller framed posters, but you can of course hang them in any size or choose a different layout. You can easily find the Moroccan atmosphere posters below. Of course you can choose your Moroccan paintings also available as a canvas painting or plexiglass painting.

Create your own Moroccan atmosphere at home

You can quickly create a beautiful atmosphere in your home in Moroccan style with the following tips: 

  • Choose a Moroccan rug. With this you give a lot of atmosphere and possibly color to your interior. A rug can be a real eye-catcher!
  • You often see Moroccan tiles in a beautiful mosaic. This can look great in, for example, your bathroom to create a really relaxed atmosphere. 
  • Choose Moroccan accessories, such as lamps and kilim cushions and various poufs. 
  • And of course a beautiful Moroccan painting

mosaic tiles

Typical for Morocco are the nice colored tiles and prints. This is reflected in a lot of architecture throughout the country. This is how you can use this design mosaic tiles almost all colors of the rainbow. You can also see this Moroccan painting many different figures in the design in and around the colored tiles. buy your Moroccan painting now at Walljar!

Moroccan painting

Moroccan Arches

Don't you immediately get the feeling that you are in the middle of Morocco with this photo wall? Moroccan architecture is full of beautiful treasures. Very typical of the architecture of this country are the many arches that you encounter in different types of buildings. Right away Moroccan painting as a Mosaic Arch, Moroccan Architecture II of Golden Arches show that you appreciate this beautiful architecture. The golden details that are common in Moroccan architecture is also a trend in wall decoration today. 

Moroccan painting

A Moroccan painting in a Bohemian living style

A Moroccan painting is a perfect addition to a bohemian living style. This living style is above all very relaxed and personal. There are no rules, as is the case with many other living styles. It's about feeling good about it. Of course there are typical characteristics for this living style.

  • Colours: Neutral light tones, combined with earth tones and many different prints.
  • Materials: Think of wood, rattan, soft fabrics and other natural materials
  • Decoration: In terms of decoration you can go in all directions. Naturally many natural materials, but also handmade and vintage items, many pillows and rugs and also gold, silver or copper decorations look great in a bohemian living style. In addition, we also see many plants in a bohemian interior. 

Buy your Moroccan painting now at Walljar

Do you go for the entire gallery wall or would you rather choose a separate design? View all designs in the Morocco collection.

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