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Meet the morroccan desert look in which Moroccan influences are central. Natural earth tones mixed with green and white tones come together to create an elegant gallery wall. In addition to elegance, this gallery wall also exudes romance. This gallery wall will give your dining room, living room or bedroom a new look in no time!

The color palette

Mix earth tones with natural greens to create a warm feeling. We recommend adding some cream/white tones to this to balance it out.

The designs in the gallery wall: Moroccan Desert

In this photo wall a number of Morocco posters, line art posters, typography posters and abstract posters. These are all nicely framed, making the gallery wall a whole. The designs below are used in the gallery wall:

Morocco poster

Morocco poster

You will not find one in this photo wall Morocco poster only three! This photographic collection was created to show the beautiful architecture of this land to show. This is how you will find in this collection Marrakech posters of the most beautiful domes, doors, temples, architecture and gardens! In the photo below you can see the poster of ''Tower Door''.

Morocco poster

C'est La Vie

That's how life is, that's what this typography poster expresses. This expression means that sometimes life is no different although you might want to, it is what is: C'est La Vie!

Typography poster

Backline art

This line art poster show how the female body gives a romantic atmosphere in your interior. By using a beige watercolor background, the back of the female body is nicely accentuated.

Line art poster

Circle dots

This poster is great to combine in almost all gallery walls, but with the orange accent, this design complements the Moroccan Desert look. These orange colors are more common in the designs and will give your home a warm feeling.

Abstract poster

final touches

Complete this look by adding accessories that complement the gallery wall. Think of green cushions, black accents that are reflected in the frames, chairs and candle holders. In addition, a nice plant is of course not to be missed!

buy one Morocco poster separately or buy the photo wall as a whole

Would you like to recreate this gallery wall? You can easily do this by going to the following page: Moroccan Desert. Here you can order the entire gallery wall or one of the Morocco posters choose. Happy shopping!

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