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Motivational quotes, you find them everywhere. Interviews, posters, TV shows and so on. So there are plenty of quotes, but what are they good for? Read it in this blog, in addition, we discuss the 10 most motivational quotes!

What do motivational quotes offer?

Motivational Quotes can be very valuable, because it is very special how a small number of words or sometimes even just one sentence contains a lot of power. Quotes offer:

  • an opportunity for new insights
  • a sharp look at a situation in your life
  • the opportunity for a moment of reflection and contemplation. 

Quotes are a power of words, they influence you. The power of quotes can therefore have a very positive influence on your behavior and actions. Below the 10 most motivational quotes:

Quote 1: Slow progress is still progress

Everyone wants to take steps in life. This path that you take naturally has peaks and valleys. The most important thing in this journey is to keep going and not give up, even if it doesn't go fast enough. For this reason the quote is: Slow progress is still progress. This quote indicates that every step you make is progress, even if the step is very small. 
Motivational Quotes

Quote 2: If there's no way, create one

The second of the motivational quotes is a poster that shows that life is full of challenges. You have to take on these challenges in order to grow further. You cannot immediately find a solution for every challenge. Of course you can't stop this. If there's no way, create one: If no solution exists, your goal is to create a new solution. This sets you apart from the rest and creates the opportunity to go further!
Motivational Quotes

Quote 3: The best revenge is massive success

The road to success is a long road with many obstacles. There will be people who will doubt you and you will have to give up a lot yourself to achieve the goal. But what could be better than having the last laugh because in the end you have tremendous success. Then you show anyone who had doubts that they should have believed in you. For this the motivational quote: The best revenge is massive success.
Motivational Quotes

Quote 4: There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs

As mentioned in the previous motivational quotes the road to success is a long one with many sacrifices to make. the quote There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs, indicates that you have to walk this path yourself and that no one has success just like that. There is no quick or easy way like the elevator to achieve this, so you have to take the stairs to achieve success.

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Motivational Quotes

Quote 5: Don't fear failure, fear being average

Everyone is afraid of making mistakes. Everyone thinks that making mistakes shows that you are weak. As a result, people start taking less risks and quickly settle for less. This ensures that you are average, but making mistakes is part of it: Don't fear failure, fear being average! You cannot grow without mistakes. So don't be afraid to make mistakes, but be afraid to settle for less too quickly.
Motivational Quotes

Quote 6: Make your passion your paycheck

What could be better than making money with your passion? Nothing of course! If you do something with passion, you will soon notice that time flies by and you are not reluctant to work. You do your job with pleasure. It is therefore important that you look for work that you enjoy. This ensures that extra bit of effort. Now view the poster of one of the coolest motivational quotes: Make your passion your pay check.

Motivational Quotes

Quote 7: Every boss started as a worker

Everyone dreams of a good job to get as high as possible in life. Still, it can be scary if you're just starting a new job. You start at the very bottom and the way to the top seems so far away. Then consider the following quote: Every boss started as a worker. This quote shows that everyone started at the bottom once and that you can too!
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Quote 8: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

If you like this motivational quotes you may be confused for the first time. I can understand that because it is quite a strange being, but there is an important meaning behind it. The thinking behind the quote is that you should always keep your focus on the most important point. The point you had all your focus on from the start: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.
Motivation poster

quote 9 : Whenever you feel bad, just remember that Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles the first year. Never give up!

This quote shows that you should never give up hope. Many people do this when the going gets tough. This quote shows that a billion-dollar company like Coca-Cola only sold 25 bottles of Coke in its first year. Coca-Cola also started at the bottom! There is no single company or person that has been successful from moment one. Everyone has setbacks, but overcoming those setbacks separates the great from the minor. Check out this motivational poster here !
Motivation poster

Quote 10: No risk No rarity

As mentioned before in the blog, it is very important to take risk. Many people do not do this and they quickly settle for something of security. The quote from: No risk No rarity literally translated that people who do not take any risks will never drive a ferrari (rari). The motivational quotes from No Risk No Rari can be found at this page.
No risk no weird

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Now that you've gotten some more information about motivational quotes, it's time to be reminded of it every day by hanging it on your wall. This way you will have the motivation every day to achieve your goals.