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Get to know cool wall decoration: a Motorbike Photo Wall. If you want to give your wall a retro look, the Motorbike photo wall is perfect for you! The grayscale color palette, the newspaper poster, the vintage car poster and the motorcycle poster make everyone look back to the days of the past.

The color palette

De motorcycle poster, vintage car and newspaper poster are all in shades of gray. This creates a safe, serene and vintage atmosphere. Combine it with, for example, a green, blue or gray shade on the wall. This makes it the ideal basis for creating a retro interior. 

The posters in this gallery wall

About our Motorbike photo wall look, a total of three different posters were used. These posters all have a vintage look due to the black and white design, the black frame and the white frame. This is the ideal basis to make your house completely retro! Below you will find the posters that were used:

motorcycle poster

Vintage car

It fits perfectly with the Newspaper poster, namely the 'vintage car'! This poster shows a beautiful close up of a classic car, with the headlights attracting almost all the attention. Whether you're a real car enthusiast or want the full motorbike gallery wall, this vintage car poster is definitely a suitable poster for that!

Black and white photo art

motorcycle poster

Ideal motorcycle poster is of course the poster with the 'motorbike' on top! This beautiful poster has a retro look because the engine is still clearly visible. In addition, this poster is also printed in shades of gray. The engines come from Portland, a major city in the United States.

Black and white photo art


You immediately get nostalgic feelings from this poster. You see a black and white poster in which a man in a vintage jacket is holding a newspaper. This one 'Newspaper' poster was made in New York, where newspapers were sold daily on the streets. Old timers can be seen in the background, this ensures that it is clear from which time this photo comes!

Black and white photo art

Black and white photo art collection

Besides this black and white motorcycle poster in the photo wall, we at Walljar have an extensive collection and black and white photo art. If you don't like vintage cars or motorcycle posters, we have a lot of black and white photo art that is suitable for everyone. This is how this one Smoke poster of a woman smoking along with this one Shoulder poster every wall immediately a unique look!  

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final touches

Now that you have three retro posters on your wall that together form a beautiful gallery wall, it is time for the final touches. To make the space where you have the Motorbike gallery wall just as cool and retro as the posters, it is a tip to look for old stuff that once belonged to your grandparents, for example. Unique decoration provides the retro effect. These unique decorative pieces also make your home your own right away!

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motorcycle poster hang on your wall!

The Motorbike photo wall is perfect to give your wall a cool and retro look. By the Newspaper, the Vintage Car and the motorcycle poster You immediately give your wall a new look! Go quickly to our website to get the Photo wall Motorbike to order!

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