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Wall decoration boys room: one boy wants cute and sweet posters on the wall, the other boy wants a realistic poster of his favorite animal. So it can be quite difficult to find the right wall decoration for a boy's room. In this blog you can find inspiration for wall decoration in the boys room!

Kids collection

At Walljar we have an extensive collection kids wall decoration. This collection consists of the cutest animals, prints and patterns, which is ideal as wall decoration for the boy's room. Here we explain some nice posters from this collection:

1. Educational wall decoration: the alphabet!

At Walljar we have every letter of the alphabet available as wall decoration. These letters are shown with a cute animal. This way you can hang the first letter of your boy, but also his whole name! In addition, we also have animal alphabet as wall decoration. This way your boy learns the alphabet in a playful way, and it is of course also very nice to look at! 

Wall decoration boys room

2. Creating sociability with animals

Whether your boy's favorite animal is an elephant, a lion or an alpaca: for wall decoration boy's room are animals always good! For example, hang the space monkey Or the climbing koala on. Your boys will find these sweet animals very cozy to have hanging in his bedroom. Also this one animal friends wall decoration suitable. These posters alone are a joy to look at! With all these animals, the boys' room immediately becomes a lot cozier.

Wall decoration boys room

In addition, we also have very cute safari wall decoration. These sweet illustrations of, for example, a zebra or a panda are like wall decoration boy's room suitable to give the room a cool and at the same time cute look.

Must read: do you also find these safari posters so cozy with all those animals and those prints? Then the bohemian nursery also something for you and your child! You can read all about it in this blog. 

Wall decoration boys room for older boys

Wall decoration boys room: It doesn't just have to be sweet and cute, also realistic wall decoration is a lot of fun for the boy's room. For boys who are a bit older, real posters are extra fun. We also have a number of other collections that are suitable for the boys' room: 

5. Dream away in the world of nature

Where boys can be quite busy themselves, their bedroom should be a place of rest. This so that after a busy day of playing, they can go to sleep here and really relax. At Walljar we have an extensive collection nature wall decoration with all kinds of soothing images that help with this. For example, hang the Blue Orange Sky with the Bled Slovenia on. Just by looking at these posters, your boy will dream away in another world!

Wall decoration boys room

6. These animals are just like real!

Every boy has a favorite animal. In addition to our kids collection with all the sweet illustrated animals, we have many other wall decorations at Walljar with animals! This is how you become of the crazy giraffe and the cute panda of course happy. In addition, we also have beautiful drawings that were originally made on paper with a brush. So is the le papillion ideal for the boys room, for example, because of the soft colors. 

Wall decoration boys room

7. Choose your favorite football club

Lots of guys love football! if wall decoration boy's room is our vintage football collection ideal with which you immediately make your boy completely happy! Our vintage football wall decoration is in black and white and shows the favorite football club, football stadium or a memorable football action. 

Wall decoration boys room

Wall decoration boys room: hang up your favorite posters!

Whether for the sweet wall decoration of the kids collection, whether for nature, animals or vintage football posters: each collection is ideal for the boy's room and completes the bedroom! Go to the website and order your favorite wall decoration.