Creëer de look: Fotowand muziek - Walljar

Are you a true fan of good music? Or do you play an instrument yourself? Then the music poster gallery wall really suits you! Read in this blog which posters are in the gallery wall and how you can show this in your interior. 

The color palette

A black and white color palette has been used in the photo wall. Which is ideal for any interior as it fits well with any interior. The black and white photo art in combination with the white typography posters with black text gives your interior a chic look.

The posters in this gallery wall

The individual music posters used in this gallery wall can be found below. In addition, you can easily find the entire gallery wall on the page of the music gallery wall

Great things take time

Like any project, learning to play a new musical instrument will also take a lot of time. But if you put in a lot of time, you will hear this right away! With the music poster ''Great things take time'' you will be reminded of this and you will continue until you succeed!

music poster


This black and white poster fits well in this gallery wall, as it can bring back the vibe of making music. Are you one of those people who stays up late into the night to perfect that one song from your album? Here will be the poster ''Cigarette'good match.

music poster

good vibes

When you are busy creating music, a good vibe in the room should also be present. That's how you can do it with this one music poster ''good vibes'' let it come back to the space in which you make music. 

music poster


This is how it all started: an LP player. In this way they used to be able to play all the great hits. This music poster ''Recordplayer'' therefore certainly belongs in this gallery wall. Are you someone who also collects LPs?

music poster


Then last in this photo wall a music poster by ''Guitar'', this is the most popular musical instrument after the piano. This black and white poster is also very cool to hang as a statement in a room!  

music poster

final touches

The final touches can come to the fore in different ways. In this example you can see that a lot of use has been made of an old pink color on the wall, in the chairs and the curtain. By adding a color to the wall where the gallery wall will hang, the gallery wall will really stand out!

Black and white photo art collection

In addition to these music posters there are a number of others in our collection. For example, also view the piano poster in the black and white photo art collection† Decorate your living room, bedroom, music room or studio with the coolest black and white posters and create the perfect gallery wall!

A music poster hang on your wall!

You can do the entire gallery wall Hang up or loose posters of course, choose your favorite now music poster and hang your favorite instruments on your wall! 

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