Natuurlijk wonen

Natural living: it has been a big trend in the last few years. Living naturally means that we live as much as possible nature try to experience indoors. It is a living style that provides tranquility, a pleasant atmosphere and cosiness. How to live naturally in your products applies? We tell you in this blog! 

1. Natural living in an eco-responsible way

Do you want natural living, then it is important that you pay attention to the environment. You can't choose natural living, but at the same time ignoring the environment. Therefore, pay close attention when purchasing furniture, accessoiries and other products that they are sustainable and responsible for the environment! 
Living naturally

2. At natural living hear natural colors and materials

The main features of natural living, are natural colors and materials. earth tones and green are colors that provide a natural and soothing look to your interior. We also recommend choosing natural materials. Real wood with visible wood grain and structure, for example, has a natural appearance. Take, for example, an oak floor or table! Linen and cotton are also beautiful natural materials to apply to natural living
Living naturally

3. Natural living: bring greenery into your home 

In our natural living form plant actually the basis: they are indispensable in this living style. This way you can use it in almost any room. Of course, light is a requirement, but take the bathroom, for example: even here there are suitable plants! A Venus hair and ornamental asparagus are good plants in the bathroom. In addition, air-purifying plants are recommended for bee natural living: purified air = better health! In addition to large plants, you can also consider an indoor garden or vertical garden. 
Living naturally

4. Furniture matching natural living

Do you want to live naturally and are you looking for suitable furniture? We have listed a few examples for you! 

Tree trunk table

A tree trunk table is a unique piece of furniture that matches natural living. A beautiful, robust table made of a material that comes straight from nature, you can't get more natural than that! 

hanging chair

A hanging chair goes so well with natural living, because it is well known in the bohemian living style. A bohemian living style is also full of natural elements! You often see rattan variants: this is not only a material that fits well with natural living, it is also super comfortable! 

animal furs

A characteristic piece of decoration at natural living is an animal fur. You can choose from a nice soft sheepskin that you place over a chair, a cowhide on the floor or just a small piece of rabbitskin for a side table. 
Living naturally

5. Natural living with these decorations

Are you looking for decorations that go well with natural living, choose decorations that are inspired by nature. So if you want to hang photos or paintings, you can choose canvas: this is an eco-friendly and natural material.

Take our abstract collection: a collection full of beautiful paintings with natural colors. Fits perfectly natural living

Also our botanical collection contains paintings full of flowers, plants and nature with which you can natural living can embrace. 

Cushions, rugs, or wall decorations: whatever decorations you bring into your home, make sure they are natural materials that you have chosen with an eye for the environment!  
Living naturally

Embrace nature with living naturally!

Today we experience a lot of tension in the world. That is why a place where you can come home, feel one with nature and experience tranquility is one of the most beautiful things you can have. Living naturally is a trend for nothing and is certainly worth a try. Want more inspiration? Discover our other blogs!