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Are you getting started with the garden? There are many options, including choosing a natural garden. A natural garden consists of many plants and flowers where nature goes its own way. Are you considering creating a natural garden? We have listed the most important points you need to know so that you can easily get started with your new garden! 

What is a natural garden

To start with: what is a natural garden and what exactly is the difference with a normal garden? What you see a lot in the Netherlands are organized, neat gardens with a form of symmetry. This is what a natural garden precisely does not have; because it doesn't look landscaped, it looks like a wild garden. In a natural garden nature takes its course so that you will encounter many wild growing plants and will receive visits from animals. It doesn't matter whether you have a large or small garden, a natural garden can be used in any size.
Natural garden

Why choose a natural garden?

If you love nature and want to feel connected to it, then a natural garden what for you. Your own small nature reserve for yourself. Unfortunately, a natural garden not for everyone and there are a few things you have to consider before you start.

You will probably see a natural garden for you as a 'wild garden', which requires little maintenance. Nothing is less true! Precisely because you create an involvement with nature, you will also have to put some time into it. For example, you can think of a weekly maintenance with clearing leaves, removing weeds, mowing the lawn and sweeping. So, why choose a natural garden? If the amount of maintenance is not a problem for you and you like to be in nature, a natural garden give you immense satisfaction and joy. 
Natural garden

A natural garden with less maintenance

Yes, a natural garden needs maintenance, but we don't want to use this as a reason not to natural garden to choose… You really get something beautiful in return! There are some options that ensure less maintenance. Of course you can choose a gardener who does most of the maintenance of the garden natural garden out of your hands, but there is also the option to let nature do the work itself. In addition, weeds in a natural garden not very. As long as it does not affect the final image and the natural garden dominates, you have it well under control!

If you want to make it easier on yourself, choose ground covers (low creeping plants) that take the removal of weeds out of your hands. Where ground covers take root, no weeds can grow. This also saves a lot of work in your natural garden! Examples of ground covers are Creeping Zenegreen, Dikkemanswort, Mansoor or Waldsteinia. 
Natural garden

A natural garden to design: getting started with planting

Plants are one of the most important elements in a natural garden and give your garden the natural look you want. With the right planting you can achieve this. Don't worry, it really doesn't have to be a wilderness. With a well-thought-out planting plan you can create a pleasant and calming environment natural garden to create. 

Maybe interesting for you: plant paintings to make your garden even more cozy!

Which plants in a natural garden

Combine wild shrubs with heather and wild flowers and play with the different leaves for a nice dynamic. The combination of trees, plants and shrubs provides a variety of animals that will visit your backyard. Do you want a natural garden that stays beautiful all year round? Then choose evergreen plants! 

Examples of plants and flowers that work well in a natural garden passes include tulips, roses, buttercups, forget-me-nots, lungwort, and ajuga reptans. Of course, these are just a few examples of the many possibilities. It is important that you make sure that you choose plants that keep your garden looking neat all year round. 
Natural garden

A natural garden decorating and giving atmosphere

Besides that you natural garden is full of plants and flowers, it's also nice if it's something decorations and atmosphere. There are various options with which you can give your garden more atmosphere, without reducing the natural appearance of the garden. 


Having pavement in a natural garden is nice: it gives you the opportunity to walk quietly through the garden without having to step between the plants. Which pavement fits well in a natural garden

A guideline that can help with this is that about two thirds of the natural garden must consist of vegetation. Choose stones with a natural appearance, which do not dominate the whole. Tiles also give rainwater the opportunity to drain well, so that you do not suffer from puddles after a heavy rain shower. If you want to build paths, choose natural materials such as gravel or wood chips. 
Natural garden


With the construction of a beautiful pond you not only ensure a beautiful place in the natural garden what makes you happy, you will also delight many animals with it. Many animals will visit the pond daily to drink from it, and aquatic animals such as frogs and toads will nest there. A pond really gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature and all the life around you!

Natural garden


Inheritance partition

When constructing a natural garden You also have to take inheritance into account. Ideal, of course, is when it blends in nicely with the rest of the garden. For example, you can opt for a green fence, or a fence made of natural materials such as woven branches. A beautiful boundary that you can apply in a natural garden is the stacking of loose stones. This is more work, but has a very nice natural look, especially when plants creep up the wall. 
Natural garden

Attracting the animal kingdom

During the natural garden flora is the most important element, but you also want to attract fauna. Attract birds with, for example, a birch tree or hang bird houses. Insects will quickly be attracted to the different flowers in the garden, but will certainly also appreciate an insect hotel! In any case, you can expect a lot of visitors looking for berries, seeds or pollen or animals that are simply looking for some shelter. Enjoy it!
Natural garden

Do you want a create a natural garden? Here are the most important tips once again!

A create a natural garden ain't nothing. There is a lot of work and planning involved, but it also entails a lot of beautiful things. So that you can get started as easily as possible, we have once again listed the most important points for you. 

  • Go for a third pavement, two thirds vegetation. 
  • Choose native and exotic plants that live in the same soil and weather conditions. 
  • Do not plant the flowers and plants in a straight line; instead, plant them in such a way that they seem to have grown spontaneously.
  • Choose plants and flowers that attract animals.
  • Only choose natural materials. 
  • Give the animal kingdom extra protection with bird houses, insect hotels and other animal-friendly decorations.

Natural garden

Use nature as a source of inspiration for you natural garden

In addition to this blog, we recommend that you use nature as a source of inspiration for designing and building your own garden natural garden. Discover different nature reserves to find out which one you feel most comfortable with and apply this in your natural garden

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