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New collection blue posters: Le Blue!

Yes Yes! The Le Bleu collection is finally here, with 100+ blue posters in the trendiest color of the year, cobalt blue! In this blog post we will show you part of the collection, and we will tell you everything about this striking color in your interior.


What is cobalt blue?

The color cobalt blue comes from a type of pigment that was first created in the 18th century. It is made by combining cobalt oxide with other elements such as aluminum oxide or zinc oxide. Cobalt blue is known for its intense blue color and has been used in art and jewelry for centuries. Today it is still one of the most popular blue pigments used by artists. Cobalt blue is also used in a variety of industrial applications, such as making ceramics and glass. In general, a very multifunctional color!

Blue Posters

The trendy color; cobalt blue

You may have noticed it yourself, but colors always have a big influence on our mood. That is why the color in your interior will certainly be part of that. This year's color in terms of interior and fashion is cobalt blue, and that's no surprise. Fashion designer Azeeza Khan told the New York Times, "With so much turmoil in the world right now, it's important to bring joy to life's moments. Color serves as a mood enhancer and cobalt evokes tranquility." This color would therefore work so effectively in any interior, and it is certainly not a bad idea to implement this in your own living space. Our new collection with blue posters be sure to join in!

 Blue Posters


The new blue poster collection, Blue, consists of a wide range of blue designs. From abstract designs inspired by plants and flowers, beautiful typographic designs and photography with a blue color, with all these designs (100+ new designs in total!) there are endless combinations for you! This cool gallery wall below mainly contains a lot of photo and typography, and has many abstract architectural elements.

The following posters are visible in the gallery wall below:

Cold Rose - 50 x 70 cm

Blue Structure - 60x90cm

Maze Structure - 80x120cm

Improvisation - 40x60cm

Letter B - 30x45cm

Skyscraper - 40x60

Memorial - 60x40cm


Blue Posters

Going With The Flow 

An example of how to blue posters from our new collection can also pair with each other, is to place three matching next to each other. Our favorite 3 to place side by side are these three posters. They all have a flowy design, with many winding lines. The Les Formes Bleues II in the middle, and a lighter complimenting design on both sides ensure that these three blue posters fit together perfectly.

Going With The Flow - 40x60cm

Les Formes Bleues II - 40x60cm

Waved Flower - 40x60cm


Blue Posters

Something for everyone! 

Also single are our new blue posters the eye-catcher of every room. Go for a striking abstract design, such as the Abstract Flowers Posters. Maybe you want something quieter, then a calm one blue poster with a catchy quote like “Home Dictionaryexactly what suits you. Would you like a little more of the watercolor effect in your own living space? Then go for the Lapis Blue Posters with three different watercolor-esque designs. Between our new blue posters there is something for everyone!

Blue Posters

Blue posters - Trendy and soothing

Cobalt blue is therefore currently the color that you should use in your interior for a stylish and soothing touch. Are you already curious about what the rest of our collection looks like, or are you ready to put together your own poster wall? Take a look and get yours today blue posters at home!