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The City That Never Sleeps: The most famous nickname for the city of New York City. In this collection you will find the beautiful architecture of New York, including the Manhattan Bridge, the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge. Below we highlight a few New York posters from:

Empire State Building

This amazing building is the world's most famous office building located in New York. It can hardly be otherwise because the building is the second tallest building in Chicago. The Empire State Building is definitely worth a visit, especially to enjoy the beautiful view from the rooftop. Is this also one of your favorite buildings? Discover all the Empire State Building posters by Walljar in the New York collection.

New York poster

Brooklyn Bridge

A true classic: the famous bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan. It is the first steel suspension bridge in the world. People were just not immediately enthusiastic about this bridge. After a number of accidents, people had become afraid to use this bridge, so in 1883 the New York government decided to prove otherwise: they let 21 circus elephants walk across the bridge to show that this structure was unbreakable. The best commercial a bridge has ever had! The Brooklyn Bridge is great to like New York poster to hang on the wall. 

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New York poster

Manhattan Bridge

Another eye-catcher of New York: the manhattan bridge. This bridge also connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. During the walk over these bridges you have a beautiful view of the New York skyline. Did you also enjoy this bridge when you were in New York? Then hang this New york poster on the wall! Whether you go for a small or large format, this poster is sure to impress.

New York poster

New York - Skyline

We've talked about it for a while, but the New York skyline is therefore breathtaking. When we talk about the New York Skyline, we actually mean the Manhattan skyline. Because here are all the buildings that make this view so beautiful. In the foreground you can see the Brooklyn Bridge over the water. This New York poster is a perfect addition to anyone's interior! 

New York poster


Manhattan: the island in New York with the tallest skyscrapers, yellow taxis and the financial part of Wall Street. In addition, Manhattan best known for:

  • The Times Square
  • Empire State Building
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Central Park
  • One World Trade Center
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Broadway
  • Chinatown

And much more.. To capture your experience of New York we have the best New York posters in our collection. 

New York poster

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Now that you know all the famous bridges and buildings in New York, it's time to pick your favorite. Discover all New York posters in our architecture collection.