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Nijmegen also called ''Havanna on the Waal'' has many reasons why you should visit this city. When you visit this beautiful city, we think these are highly recommended. We have chosen three for you and put them on a Nijmegen painting, so read on!

• The Grote Markt on a Nijmegen painting

The Grote Markt is the center of Nijmegen. The square is filled with cozy cafes, restaurants and shops. You can also find a super cozy market on this square every week with several national monuments on the edge of the square, including the Boterwaag, the Sint-Stevenspoortje and various residential buildings. 

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• Goffert stadium

The Goffert Stadium is the home of professional football association NEC. Since the promotion in 1967, the club has participated most of the time in the Eredivisie. But the club has also had lesser periods where it ended up in the First Division. This is where the club comes out where it works hard every year to promote again to the Eredivisie, where the club also belongs.

Most supporters will still stick to the highlights of the club's existence. Four cup finals and playing several times in Europe are of course great results for a small club like NEC that they can be proud of.

The highest honor as a professional footballer in playing for the national team of course. The Dutch national team is often full of players from the national and international top clubs, but sometimes a smaller club like NEC also employs eligible players. For NEC it has happened five times that a player made it to the Dutch national team. These were Jan Peters, Wil Lakenberg, Theo de Jong, Pauke meijers and lastly Romano Denneboom in 2004.

A national title is of course not realistic for a club like NEC, but that does not mean that you cannot deliver top performances as a small club. Take, for example, reaching the cup final, which the club has managed no less than four times! European football is of course also a prize in itself. 

Nijmegen posters  

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• The Stevenskerk on a Nijmegen painting

The Sint-Stevenskerk is the symbol of the city of Nijmegen. This church has been the heart of the city for centuries. Construction of the church began in the mid-13e century and from the moment the church was completed it has been the eye-catcher in the Nijmegen skyline!

During the bombing of Nijmegen on February 22, 1944, the tower largely collapsed. The southwestern part of the church was badly damaged and other parts of the church were severely damaged in the following period. After the war ended, the church was thoroughly restored and reopened in 1969.

Today, the Stevenskerk has a connecting meaning for all Nijmegen residents. It is a living monument where a lot is happening: mourning ceremonies, weddings, a running race right through the church and performances by top artists. The Church today has something to offer for everyone. With its program, the church is fully implementing the city's new city marketing slogan 'Old city' young vibe '. 

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Havana aan de Waal has a lot to offer for anyone who wants to visit here. We have beautiful prints of all the places in Nijmegen that you must visit. Now go to our Nijmegen collection and find your favorite Nijmegen painting!