Nijmegen voetbal posters

The Havanna aan de Waal naturally has its own professional football club. NEC entered the Eredivisie for the first time in the 1968 season and since then it has also largely acted in this. NEC was relegated to the First Division in 2017 and has been playing its matches here ever since. Are you a fan of football in Nijmegen? Then read on quickly and get your favorite Nijmegen poster at home!

The NEC football collection

We have collected a cool collection of vintage for you Nijmegen poster. To start with, we have the Goffert ready for you. in dhe home of NEC, 12.500 supporters are cheering their cluppie every weekend. This stadium, nicknamed 'de Bloedkuul', was opened in 1939 as the home of NEC. In addition, this stadium has been used several times for international matches of the Dutch men's and women's national team.

We also have beautiful prints of highlights from the history of the club. Consider, for example, the promotion from '64 or matches against AFC Ajax and Feyenoord from the early 70s when they were among the top in Europe. The collection is being worked on daily to expand it even further. With this we ensure that we can serve every NEC fan and provide a beautiful vintage poster.

NEC is a typical part of Nijmegen that propagates the pride of the city. ZEspecially during the matches with arch-rival Vitesse from Arnhem, every Nijmegen resident is glued to the tube. Do you want a unique Nijmegen poster? Then get a print from our vintage football collection at home and share your passion for NEC with everyone!

Nijmegen football posters

NEC Nijmegen

For anyone who ever wants to visit Nijmegen, there is one thing you should remember. You may never ever pronounce NEC as NEC. If you do this, you will get a screaming crowd after you. Your neck is between the shoulders and your head. NEC is in your heart 'is a well-known saying from Nijmegen.

NEC is a relatively small club in the Netherlands, but nevertheless reached the final of the KNVB Cup four times. Unfortunately, there was never a victory. The club also became champion of the Eerste Divisie twice in 1975 and 2015, which forced the club to promote to the Eredivisie.

NEC has enforced European football several times in its existence and has played matches here against major clubs from abroad. Clubs such as Girondins de Bordeaux, FC Barcelona, ​​Tottenham Hotpsur and HSV from Germany.

In the history of the club there are five players who have made the Dutch national team on behalf of NEC. These are Jan Peters, Theo de Jong, Wim Lakenberg, Pauke Meijers and most recently Romano Denneboom in 2004. For a modest club like NEC this is of course very neat.

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