Landschap schilderijen

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. The country is of course known for the Vikings, the Northern Lights, whale watching and the fjords. The beautiful landscape of Norway is the reason that an incredible number of tourists go that way every year. We are already familiar with the photos of these beautiful landscapes, but we have given them a new look for you. Are you looking for unique landscape paintings from Norway? Then read on quickly!

Why these prints?

At Walljar we are concerned with creating unique new prints that you can decorate your walls with. In this collection you will find cool prints of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, but instead of a standard photo we have created unique designs in our own way. This is how we have beautiful landscape paintings of two great tourist attractions in Norway: the Lofoten and Preikestolen.

The style in which these landscape paintings are made is called flat design. In this style, all 3D effects are avoided and the starting point is tranquility and functionality. This allows you to create tranquility in your room and hang it up in your home office, for example.

The Lofoten

The Lofoten is a beautiful archipelago in the north of Norway. The legendary fishing villages have revolved around cod hunting for centuries and when you are here in the hunting season you will see racks full of these fish. Tourism is also growing strongly in the summer. Some of the traditional old fishermen's houses are now used for tourism. These tourists also visit the Lofoten for the beautiful surroundings. Do you also love the landscape of Norway? Then you should like this beautiful island group landscape painting have on your wall. Order it now in our collection!

The Preikestolen

The Preikestolen is a real eye-catcher in the Norway's landscape. This cliff towers 604 meters above the Lysefjord and offers spectacular views of the area. To enjoy this view, you first have to conquer a 4-hour walking route of about 8 kilometers. During this walk you have to bridge 500 meters of altitude, but after that you can enjoy a beautiful view. Try this climb during the season (May-October) and discover one of the most beautiful landscapes in Norway. 

Do you want this beautiful landscape painting have on your wall? We have the print of the Preikestolen in six variations ready for you in the landscapes collection. Bring him home now!

Get gift now landscape paintings at home!

Get our unique landscape paintings from Norway at home! With these prints you can hang the nature of Norway on your wall. Am interested in even more cool and unique landscape paintings? then click here and check the full collection!