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Do you find furnishing the children's room quite a task? Then this blog is for you! There are a number of trends that will certainly appeal to your child and we have the perfect nursery posters for that. We explain those trends in this blog. Are you reading along?

Nowadays we no longer only choose pink or blue for the children's room. You can decorate it completely the way you envision it, to the taste of you and your child! We regularly write blogs to keep you informed of the latest trends. There are some really cool trends that you don't want to miss. Bee walljar we have the most beautiful and nicest wall decoration for every room. By nursery posters to wall circles. The trends we explain today are:

  • earth tones 
  • Round shapes
  • Blue and green
  • Wallpaper: Animals and jungle

Trend 1: Earth tones nursery posters

Terracotta, cream, beige and rust brown. We see these colors more and more in interior trends and now also in the children's room. Boring? No definitely not! By combining different colors you create a warm and atmospheric space, where your little one can completely relax at the end of the day. These colors are also perfect for furniture and accessories made of natural materials. Such as rattan, wood, cane and various natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen. With the proper nursery posters you finish it all. What do you think of, for example, the initial of your child's name combined with Leaves pattern

Kids room posters

Trend 2: Atmosphere and balance with round shapes

Go for many organic round shapes in the interior of the children's room. Break through a sleek modern interior with round shapes. Round shapes provide balance in your interior. Of course you can choose a round table, a beautiful ottoman or a round mirror. But have you ever thought of a nice wall circle? Something totally different from nursery posters, but certainly no less beautiful. We think that William Morris - Branch for example would look very nice in a children's room. Combine different wall circles in different sizes for a playful effect!

Kids room posters 2

Trend 3: Blue and green tones in the nursery

Two colors that we cannot ignore are blue and green. With darker shades you create a cool or cozy atmosphere and with light shades of blue and green you ensure peace and space. Kids room posters which are perfect for this Safari Rhino en penquin friends† Do you prefer something more abstract? Take a look outside the children's collection for example Purple Waves

nursery posters

Trend 4: Animals and jungle wallpaper

As a last trend we have chosen the animal and jungle trend. You can keep this calm by choosing a calm print or a jungle print in neutral colors. Or go all out with a super cool colored and detailed jungle print. For this trend we have different nursery posters, but also beautiful quality wallpaper. For example, how about self-adhesive photo wallpaper in the print Dark Jungle† You can combine this wallpaper nicely with the previous trend by painting the other walls a beautiful blue or green color. Another self-adhesive photo wallpaper that is very suitable for the children's room is jungle animals† A cheerful jungle print with different animals. 

nursery posters

nursery posters

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