Your office furnishings determines to a large extent your company atmosphere. Is your office ready for something new and are you looking for office design inspiration? From color, style and accessories to fitting wall decoration: in this blog we give all the tips and tricks so that you can get enough inspiration for a stylish office design!

A color that suits you office furnishings

Did you know that color strongly influences our mood and attitude to work? You can with the color of your office furnishings going in different directions, each with a different result. One thing is certain: only white walls are not recommended. It is better to combine white with other colors for unity and balance. For example, try the following colors: 

The color green for rest 

Green is one of the most popular colors for offices. This is because green is a calming shade that is gentle on the eyes. In addition, it is also a perfect color for stress relief! Green is very nice for the walls, but can also be used with, for example plant

The color yellow for intellect

Yellow is a sunny, light shade that helps to stimulate the intellect and improve concentration among employees. Be careful not to apply too much yellow and suddenly paint all the walls yellow: this can cause the opposite effect and tire the eyes! 

The color red for productivity

Red is a color that can really influence productivity and give a good dose of energy. Red is a perfect color to apply in moderation in a office furnishings. If you let the color come back too much, you have too much of a good thing and you can become overstimulated.

Choose a style for you office furnishings

An office style largely determines the appearance of your company. It is one of the first things that strikes employees or potential customers upon entering. Want to know which style suits your company best? We have listed 4 popular styles for you. 

#1. An industrial office furnishings 

Raw materials such as metal, steel and concrete are typical for a industrial office furnishings. The style is inspired by the look of old factories and is one of the most popular interior styles today. If you want to give your office a strong and cool look, this is the style you should go for. You can apply the style in your office furnishings with, for example, dark wooden desks, iron or metal cabinets, dark leather chairs and sturdy, industrial lamps.
Office furniture

#2. A Scandinavian office furnishings

A Scandinavian office furnishings has a softer appearance and suits offices with a calm, minimalist atmosphere. Does this match your company? Then the Scandinavian style is what you should go for. Choose light colors and natural props. For some contrast, you can add darker chairs or plants, but in general, minimalism is characteristic of this style. 
Office furniture

#3. A modern office furnishings 

When you have modern office furnishings should have a light and sleek design. A modern style is a bit more daring: think modern and artsy shapes, daring combinations and a mix of materials. At a modern office furnishings a lot of light is also important. So make sure you have many and high windows for sufficient light. Plenty of daylight not only provides a modern look, but also improves work performance! 
Office furniture

#4. a creative office furnishings 

Is creativity important in your office and do you want to stimulate it? Then a creative office furnishings perhaps a suitable style. This style offers you the opportunity to get started with different colours, materials and layout. Instead of regular office furniture, consider, for example, sit-stand workstations or bean bags. It is important that you can also concentrate. So make sure you have a good balance. Crazy eye catchers, but not too many. Play with colors and contrast, but also ensure consistency. 
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Why plants in the office?

The right colors and style chosen for you office furnishings? Great, but then you're not there yet. you really have plant needed at the office! Not only because it creates a cozy atmosphere, but also because it provides many benefits entails. 

Did you know, for example, that office plants provide:

  • a decrease in eye complaints and irritations by 52% (!)
  • a 43% decrease in respiratory problems
  • a 12% decrease in lung disease

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Even more reasons for plants in your office design

#1. Plants purify the air

During the process in which plants convert CO2 into oxygen, harmful substances are also filtered from the air. They absorb the harmful substances through the leaves and are broken down in the roots. This happens throughout the day, making the air more humid and reducing headaches and other complaints. An important reason to add plants in your office furnishings

#2. Plants improve acoustics

Do you suffer from reverberation and noise pollution in the office? Plants can also help with this. In addition to air, plants also absorb sound waves, so you will be less bothered by that annoying echo. An easy way to get the improve acoustics in your office! 

#3. Plants are good for your creativity, productivity and concentration!

From various studies in which office spaces with plant and office spaces without plants, plants have been shown to have a strong influence on productivity, creativity and concentration among employees. For example, plants already provide 15% more productivity! 

Office furniture

Which plants to add in your office furnishings

We have the most air purifying plant that are most suitable for you office furnishings summarized for you:

  • Spathiphyllum sensation 
  • Ficus Aliic
  • Chlorophytum
  • nephrolepis
  • Aloë Vera
  • rhapis excelsa
  • robust ficus 
  • Nephrolepis obliterate
  • Dracaena Janet Craig
  • Areca palm 

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Good lighting in you office furnishings

When you're working on your office furnishings, it is important to also look at the lighting. Office lighting plays an important role in a commercial building: from an improvement of work posture to a better atmosphere. We list 5 important points for you.  

Office furniture

#1. Start with a lighting plan

You can choose the right lighting by starting with a lighting plan. Mark all sockets and light points on a map of your office. Then you determine where the basic lighting will be: it illuminates the room in an even way. Only then do you focus on the work and mood lighting. Decide where you will place floor lamps, desk lamps, wall lamps and pendant lamps. Have you thought this all out, then you can go targeted shopping.

#2. LED: energy-efficient lighting

We strongly recommend choosing LED lighting. Because it is a very energy-efficient form of lighting, you will save a lot on energy bills. With a long lifespan and little maintenance, LED lamps are a perfect addition to your home office furnishings

#3. The light temperature

The light temperature also plays an important role when choosing your office lighting. If you go for lighting with a neutral to cool light color, this ensures clear vision and boosts concentration. If you prefer light that provides relaxation, then light with a warm color the kind of lighting for you office furnishings. We recommend cool lighting for work areas and warmer lighting for reception or lunchrooms. 

#4. The brightness

The brightness is also an important consideration for you office furnishings. If you have lamps with too bright light, it can cause headaches. On the other hand, too weak light can cause tired eyes or concentration problems. If you want to keep the productivity of your employees as optimal as possible, choose a light intensity of around 500 Lux. 

#5. Create atmosphere

In addition to the type of lighting, the design of the lamps is also important. A beautiful design that matches the rest of your office furnishings stimulates the atmosphere, productivity and creativity among the staff. A correct design of the lighting also ensures unity in the interior style! 
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Art cannot be missing in your office design!

In your office furnishings is art a source of inspiration, motivation and creativity. What kind of office has more atmosphere: a bare room without anything on the wall, or an office space with a large eye-catcher on the wall, such as a beautiful painting? Art has a meaning for both staff and visitors positive effect. Images, shapes and colors send stimuli to your brain that then influence your mood and behaviour. 

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Many companies recognize the power of art and combine this with something characteristic of the company. Think of art on which the logo, core values ​​or mission of the company is visible. 

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Accessories and the finishing touch 

If you have followed all the above points, you come to the last step: the elements that your office furnishings finish completely. Think of accessoiries such as pillows, clocks, a coat rack, trash cans, vases and side tables. It's a lot, but makes your office furnishings a lot cozier. Let the last puzzle pieces fall into place. From the cups in the kitchen to the flowers in the vase. Match it with the rest of your style office furnishings and your office is complete! 
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Looking for wall decoration for you office furnishings

Do you want more art in your office and are you looking for unique wall decoration? Discover our entire range and inspire your employees. Good luck with your new one office furnishings