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An Ohara Koson poster has beautiful colors in various matching shades and prints that resemble watercolors. Does this appeal to you? Then you want this blog about Photo wall Ohara Casing be sure to read! 

Ohara Koson: Painter and woodcut designer

Ohara Koson was born as Ohara Mata. At the age of thirteen he already started his painting training. He then became an apprentice to Suzuki Koson, from which he took the name Koson. Ohara eventually specialized in Kacho-e. This means printing birds and flowers with carvings. The fact that he is specialized in this is certainly reflected in a Ohara Koson poster. 

Ohara Koson poster: The work of the painter 

The previous work of this famous painter was mainly based on wars. He then switched to paintings with many flowers, plants, birds and other animals. He was able to sell his work well, and he also worked as a teacher at the Tokyo School of the Arts. His work is often reminiscent of watercolor paintings. This is not surprising given that he has learned to work with this from the beginning of his career. Look further below for examples of this beautiful work on a Ohara Koson poster!

This Ohara Koson posters are in this gallery wall:

Ohara Koson - Blossoming Cherry On A Moonlight Night

This beautiful work was probably made around 1932. This painting shows a blossoming cherry blossom by moonlight. The entire print consists of different blue colors that fit together perfectly. It gives a nice tone-on-tone effect. That's why this Ohara Koson poster also look great against a blue wall. 

Ohara Koson poster

Ohara Koson - Common And Golden Carp 

In Japan they call a koi carp 'Nishikigoi', which is a combination of the word 'nishiki', which means colorful cloth and 'goion koi', which means carp. So freely translated they call it colored carp. On this Ohara Koson Poster you see several carp in different colors. 

Ohara Koson poster

Ohara Koson - Great Tit On Paulownia Branch

A Ohara Koson poster with beautiful colors and details. on this painting you see a great tit on a branch of a paulownia tree. The blue of the great tit is reflected in the berries. The blue also matches the previous poster very well. You can see the warm tones in this painting in the next one Ohara Koson poster in this photo wall. 

Ohara Koson poster

Ohara Koson - Two Peacocks On Tree Branch

Second to last Ohara Koson poster from this photo wall is a painting of two beautiful peacocks on a tree branch. In the background you can see another stray bird flying. With both the blue and pink-orange tones, this painting fits perfectly between the others Ohara Koson posters from this photo wall. 

Ohara Koson poster

Ohara Koson - Blooming Azalea In Blue Pot 

Also the last one Ohara Koson poster With its blooming flowers, it fits completely in the kacho-e style, in which Koson was specialized. You can see this style throughout the gallery wall. In all paintings you see flowers, plants, birds or other animals. The perfect gallery wall for lovers of beautiful colors and nature. 

Ohara Koson poster

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