Oosterse schilderijen

Nowadays you see it more and more; houses styled in an Eastern atmosphere. The 'Moroccan' or 'Marrakech' vibe provides cosiness and a warm feeling. This is mainly due to the typical colors used in the eastern countries, such as different earth tones. You quickly create atmosphere by using these colors on the walls, but also by using them in various accessories, such as Oriental paintings. You can make it as big as you want! 

oriental paintings: impressive buildings

Impressive buildings can be found in the Morocco collection. That's how you find it Ooriental paintings and posters of entire buildings, such as a beautiful bathhouse, but also specific parts of buildings, where the focus is on the beautiful figures that have been created. Colors and impressive shapes are used in each painting, which will bring a lot of atmosphere to your home! 

For the enthusiast: Walljar has several Ooriental paintings and posters that can be found in the Morocco collection.

oriental paintings: palm trees in front of the door 

In the Morocco collection there are also Ooriental paintings and posters with a tropical touch. This one schilderijen can be characterized by a piece of 'green' that can be found; like beautiful palm trees. 

oriental paintings: minimalist, but beautiful 

Furthermore, there are also Oriental paintings and posters in the collection that are quieter than the rest, such as a painting with an oriental orange color wall, with a detail of a plant. Or a beautiful building with calm tones. 

Where do you hang the Morocco collection?

the Ooriental paintings and posters you can hang it in many different places. For example, think of a large painting in a oriental bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or toilet. Also nice to hang in a children's room with a oriental touch. The best thing is of course to give the walls an oriental color, so that the paintings and posters mix in well.
oriental paintings

Oriental colors

Colors that typically have the 'Morocco' and 'Marrakech' vibe are earth tones and powder tones. But what do we mean by this? Earth tones are tones that occur in nature and are therefore 'natural' colours; because they are warm we call them earth tones. Examples of earth tones are red, brown, beige, green, orange, yellow and light green tones. Powder shades are colors in a powder, also called subtle and soft form. Like powder pink, a pink color that is not bright. Earth and powder colors are both very oriental! You can find these colors in the oriental paintings and posters of Morocco collection

Have you become curious? 

Please a look at the Morocco collection for your favorite Ooriental painting or poster to choose from!