Oosterse wanddecoratie

Oriental wall decoration by Morocco, the beautiful country in the north of Africa you really should have as a poster in your home. Often people only think of a sandbox when they think of Morocco, but those are slogan thoughts. The country has a lot to offer, especially in the field of art. The country has a beautiful architecture!

The treasures of Morocco

The architecture of Morocco can also be described as the treasures of this beautiful country. The amount of beautiful buildings left after hundreds of years is unbelievable. 

The minarets (pillar-shaped towers), ksars (fortified villages), medinas (old towns) and kasbahs (walls protecting the city) are all beautiful works of art that have survived. These works of art are therefore on our Ooriental wall decoration.

These buildings have remained almost completely intact and have been restored where necessary. The old buildings are usually built around the beautiful oases so that agriculture could be done here. Light rock was often used so that the light was reflected and it did not get so hot in the houses. That is why almost all buildings in Morocco have a white or sand color. 

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Never deviated from the architectural style

The Moroccans have never really deviated from this unique architectural style. Just look at the beautiful mosques with high towers and large domes. In addition, the stone is finished with the most beautiful mosaic down to the smallest detail. 

This can be seen very well on Walljar's Ooriental wall decoration from Morocco. But the Hassan mosque in Casablanca is also a good example of this beautiful architectural style. This is a modern built mosque that still has the beautiful old architectural style. 

the Ooriental wall decoration from Walljar

De Ooriental wall decoration by Walljar are beautiful prints if you like the old Moroccan architectural style. With all the beautiful mosaic, shapes and colors, this oriental wall decoration some vibrancy and art to your home. We will highlight a few prints for you. 

The Orange Arches

oriental wall decoration

the ''Orange Arches'' is Ooriental wall decoration representing the forms of the Moroccan architectural style. The Moroccans love to alternate round shapes with pointed shapes. That is why you often see a tower with a curve at the top and only after that a sharp point. This print shows a beautiful inner path with gates of a mosque in Marrakech. 

The Moroccan Fountain 

oriental wall decoration  

the ''Fountain'' is a fine example of the detailed mosaic that the Moroccans use. The beautiful shapes and colors together form a truly beautiful whole on the Ooriental wall decoration. Even the small gray pillars on the side of the water bowl of the fountain have been thought of. This print is simply a must have!

Show it to your friends and family now!

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