Opbergruimte kinderkamer

When it comes to kids, they're the sweetest bitches out there, we don't need to convince you of that. But when it comes to practical matters, there are some snags. The trail that the little ones leave behind, for example, or the amount of things and toys that you no longer have storage space for. 

Of course you don't want the interior of the nursery is adjusted by all kinds of storage boxes. Hence, it is conveniently practical storage spaces and have handy handles to keep it tidy. There are many good tricks and tricks for this that we have listed for you! 

1. Go for furniture with a lot storage space

By purchasing furniture with a lot storage space you win space in the nursery. For example, purchase a bed with drawers, a cupboard with many compartments or a chest of drawers with many different compartments. 

2. Win storage space under the beds

If you happen to have a bed with drawers, this is ideal! But if you don't have this, you can easily place tube containers under the bed (to put toys or other things in). You can also stick name stickers on the boxes to organize everything. This gives a tidy feeling. 

3. Use the space at the bottom of the cabinet for more storage space

There is often an 'empty' space at the bottom in a closet, where no clothes can hang and you do not quickly put clothes down. You can easily bins or place baskets for things here. Ideal since those bins and boxes are not in sight, but you are there anyway storage space win!

Tip! Make storage space in children's room clear: You can label the bins or boxes for a clear idea.

4. Go for cabinets or shelves on the wall

Wanneer de storage space in the room, we always have the walls to use. Hang nice cabinets here, or use one or more nice shelves on the wall. This way you make optimal use of the space in the room! 

In addition to a trendy storage box on a shelf (on the wall), or a storage box on a cupboard, you can also use a poster or painting. Place the painting on a shelf next to the storage box. This makes it more playful than just putting storage boxes on a shelf or cupboard next to each other.
Children's room storageWalljar offers a wide range with different posters, please here a look if there is something fun for your child's nursery. Also nice to give as a gift to parents of a newborn, or for the birthday of a little one you know! 

5. The corners also participate!

Does your son or daughter have one nursery with many angles? Do not be afraid, there is more storage space possible than you think. Go for corner cabinets or have a cabinet made to measure. Make sure you don't skip space to like storage space to use.

6. Nice boxes and storage boxes

When you have used all the space in / on the cabinets, drawers and in / on the wall cabinets and shelves and you are still short of space, you can go for boxes or storage boxes in the nursery itself. There are many nice storage boxes that fit perfectly into the interior. Stack them on top of each other, for example, and place them on the ground. Or place them on top of something. 

Did you find storage space in your child's room?

Did this blog give you more insight into the different options for creating storage space? Or have you become curious about Walljar's posters and prints to decorate nicely on a shelf next to storage boxes? Then take here a look!