Heb je ook al oranje koorts?! - Walljar

Finally! Our Orange lions have again qualified for a final tournament after a missed European Championship and World Cup. We can therefore enjoy our orange lions again and the whole party that comes with it.

De Orange atmosphere and orange streets

De Orange atmosphere is wonderful when there is a European Championship or World Cup going on. It's just pure enjoyment. Everyone in the Netherlands fraternized during such a tournament. Whether you're standing in a square with a whole crowd and watching the game on a big screen, or looking into the neighbor's tent with the whole street. It doesn't matter, because it's nice and cozy. 

A huge number of streets in the Netherlands complete colors Orange and no one is talking about anything else. Everywhere you see Orange flags, tents, the Dutch flag and the oh so iconic lion. We are so crazy about Orange that every European Championship and World Cup we crown one street in the Netherlands as the most beautiful Oranjestraat. 

This year it was Oosthavenplaats in Vlaardingen that was declared the most beautiful Oranjestraat. About Orange flags, glasses, shirts, ties and much more. You can't think of it that crazy or it's there in it Orange

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The Orange madness

Yes, our Orange madness is extreme and certainly does not go unnoticed. Not in our own country or in other countries. In other countries, our country is known for its Orange madness. Hardly any other country is undergoing such an overhaul as in the Netherlands. 

In the Netherlands we know how to throw a good party and we are also crazy about football. Whole hordes Orancid You will not encounter fans to this extent in any other country partying and singing to the stadium. 

The nice thing is that supporters of many countries that have been disabled will support the Netherlands. They do this because of the whole atmosphere around the Dutch national team. They like this and enjoy it. That is why the Netherlands often gets the favorable factor. 

The whole of the Netherlands turns orange, now you! 

The Netherlands is all set for the European Championship 2021, the streets are colored Orange. But are you ready? If not, make sure you sit in front of the TV with friends during the European Championship matches in the Netherlands. The chance of continuing in the group with Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia is very high. You are sure to enjoy some delicious matches! 

So make sure to sit in front of the tube on the following dates!

  • Sunday 13-6 21:00 Netherlands - Ukraine (3-2)
  • Thursday 17 pm-6pm 21:00 Netherlands - Austria (2-0)
  • Monday 21-6 18:00 Netherlands - North Macedonia (3-0)
  • Quarterfinals 2-7 / 3-7 18:00 / 21:00 Netherlands - Czech Republic

The most beautiful wall decoration for the best Orange fans 

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