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In this blog post we tell you everything about zodiac signs. Where do they come from? What are their properties? And more importantly: why do you need to know them? In addition, we show some of the items from our collection constellation posters!


What are Constellations?

The constellations are ancient. Astronomers in ancient societies, such as Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt, invented the constellations to indicate certain times of the year. The dates tied to these periods correspond to the dates when the sun passes through a particular constellation. So zodiac signs can tell us when in the year we were born. These twelve constellations, as we know them in the Western world, together form the zodiac.

Each zodiac sign has certain characteristics. Constellations are based on the mythology and culture of the ancient astronomers. The characteristics of a constellation are therefore derived from the story behind that constellation. So zodiac signs can tell us a lot about our own personality!

 Zodiac sign poster

What is your starsign?

Are you your own Zodiac sign Forgotten or do you not remember whether that one friend is a Gemini or a Cancer? Below we give you a quick overview:


Ibex: 22 December to 19 January

Waterman: 20 January to 18 February

Fishing: February 19 to March 20

Ram: 21 March to 19 April

Taurus: April 20 to May 20

Twins: May 21 to June 20

Lobster: June 21 to July 22

Lion: July 23 to August 22

Virgin: August 23 to September 22

Scale: September 23 to October 22

Scorpion: October 23 to November 21

Archer: November 22 to December 21


Fun fact; 12% of all famous musicians are Sagittarius! So if you still have a musical ambition somewhere in the closet and you were born between November 22 and December 21, grab the microphone!


Shopping for a nice poster?
Walljar has a collection of posters of all zodiac signs. These posters are perfect as a gift for a baby shower, to dress up the nursery or to give a little touch of personality to your interior! So constellations are not only interesting, but also fun to look at. Order one today poster of your zodiac sign or a loved one!


 Zodiac sign poster

All on the wall?

Are you not a big fan of the constellations yourself, but do you think the stars are beautiful to look at? Then we have a number of beautiful images of the starry sky in our range for your wall! Find them here . as here ! And for a cozy atmosphere at home, is Campfire Under The Starry Sky the most ideal.