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After the major spring cleaning, it is also the turn of the garden or your balcony. Outside it looks more and more beautiful and the temperature is also slowly rising. Have you made your outdoor space completely tidy, but does it still look a bit uninviting? Then it's time to start decorating! Maybe you don't immediately think of wall decoration outside, but a painting for outside looks very nice and you immediately create atmosphere with it!

Weatherproof painting for outside

except one large assortment posters and canvas paintings, you can also contact us for paintings on plexiglass. This material is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The UV print is printed directly on the back of 3 millimeter thick Plexiglas and has a smooth and glossy finish. The printing method makes the print extra bright and the colors realistic. Plexiglass paintings do not have a frame, but a suspension system with spacers with drill holes. For this, holes are drilled in the plate, so that you can painting for outside easy to hang with the spacers. Due to the high-quality print and finish, a plexiglass painting will last for years. 

The specifications at a glance:

  • Material: Plexiglass
  • Weight: 1.19 gr/cm2
  • Printing: UV printing
  • Thickness: 3 millimeters (5 millimeters thickness on request)
  • Finish: Glossy
  • Suspension system: Steel spacers with drill holes
  • Indoor/outdoor: Suitable for hanging indoors and outdoors
  • Water resistant: Yes

Painting for outside: 3 outdoor space trends

Just like for your interior interior, there are also trends for your outdoor space. Because of course you want to make it just as beautiful as inside. Especially if you like to go outside with every ray of sunshine and therefore make extensive use of your garden or balcony. Below are three trends for your outdoor space.

Trend 1: Natural materials

We are currently also seeing this trend in interior trends. How nice is it to extend that to your outdoor space? With the trend of natural materials, you should think of materials with a natural appearance, such as wood and reed. Often in combination with light, soothing colors. We think that a painting for outside with a natural print from the Nature collection goes very well with this. Such as Three palm trees for a wonderful beach feeling. Or is Lake Lookout, from the Photo art collection maybe more your thing?

Painting for outside

Painting for outside

Trend 2: Boho Paradise

A painting for outside that fits the boho trend, you will certainly find it at Walljar. The boho trend is a relaxed atmosphere. It gives a feeling of peace and coziness in your outdoor space. This trend also makes extensive use of natural materials, but in combination with a lot of color. Especially warm colors for a nice atmosphere. Think of different earth tones like brown, orange and sand. In the bohemian atmosphere we often see flowers. Our collection that is completely in line with this is the Botanical collection† Two prints that will look beautiful in your boho outdoor space Dahlia en William Morris - Wild Tulip† Do you not want a painting for outside, but for example two? These two prints also look great together. 

Painting for outside

Trend 3: Moroccan vibes

With this latest trend you choose a painting for outside in a Moroccan atmosphere. For your Moroccan Vibes garden or balcony, choose an earthy shade in the base such as terracotta or red. You can combine this with, for example, pillows in beautiful oriental prints on your garden sofa and a beautiful Moroccan rug. Combine the oriental prints with all kinds of colors. Contrasting deep blue and dark green colors also look great here. For a painting for outside we can't just choose one in this style, because the Morocco collection contains so many beautiful things, such as Cactus in Marrakesh en Moroccan Temple.

Painting for outside

do you shop painting for outside, before the outdoor season starts!

Hopefully this blog has given you inspiration to create the best atmosphere in your outdoor space with a painting for outside. In our webshop find paintings that suit every style.