Parijs schilderij

This city is known for love, fashion and beautiful architecture. We are, of course, talking about Paris. We have made a photo wall that reflects this romantic city on the wall. Because who doesn't want a nice one Paris painting hang on the wall? Take a quick look!

The color palette

The color theme is clear: black and white. Black and white is classy, ​​modern and timeless just like Paris! With this color combination you can easily furnish your living room or bedroom. So give your interior a boost with this nice gallery wall!

The posters in the photo wall

We have listed the posters in this gallery wall for you so that you can hang the entire gallery wall on your wall in no time.

Paris painting

Passage in Paris

The Paris painting ''Passage in Paris'' can't miss in this gallery wall. In this city you can see beautiful architecture on every street corner, for example, on this poster you see classic buildings with a massive construction. What is special about this architectural style is that curves or ''arches'' have been used. This gives a classic look to your interior!

Paris painting

Shoulder II

A feminine touch in this gallery wall is the painting ''Shoulder II''. Paris, the city of love, and this theme should of course also be reflected in your gallery wall. With this poster of a woman's shoulders, the classy theme also returns through the use of jewelry and a timeless blouse.

Paris painting

The Eiffeltower

The symbol of Paris: The Eiffel Tower, this one cannot of course be missing from the gallery wall. It Paris painting by ''The Eiffeltower'' fits perfectly in this picture with the black and white colors.

Paris painting

French Windowsill

What is quintessentially Paris? That's right, a French balcony! It Paris painting ''French WindowsillSo show this nicely. These balconies were created because in France it was not always allowed to place a balcony outside the house. This way people could quickly cool down without a real balcony. 

Paris painting

Paris painting: Love

When you create a gallery wall of the city of love, this typographic poster of ''Love'The whole thing off! Paris has been given the name City of love because of the sexy language, the romantic books and movies and the many marriage proposals that take place here.

Typography poster

fashion girl

In addition, Paris is also a real fashion city, where Paris Fashion Week is one of the most famous events every six months. With the poster of ''fashion girl'' you are also in the right place in this theme!

Black and white photo art

final touches

To complete this look, you can choose to keep it very sleek and classy or modern and cozy. Because black and white photo art has been used in the gallery wall, it is nice to supplement this with some color. You can do this by painting your wall in a nice color, or by adding subtle accessories. Think fun pillows, candles, plants and lamps!

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