Passe partout op maat

A work of art with a passe partout is all the rage these days. This can look super trendy, especially in photo walls. But what is it? A passe partout is the white frame around your poster. At Walljar you always have the choice to order your custom design with a passe partout. We will give it a new look, by simply adding a white frame to the design. So super easy!

The dimensions of the custom fit

The first step: what size do I want? This way you first choose your poster size and then you can start thinking about which size passe partout you would like. A standard passe partout size is 4-6 centimeters. Now our designers can easily turn this into a larger white frame. Interested? Send your photo and request from custom fit via live chat or via

Framing posters

At Walljar you can always choose to have any design in our collections frame on the website (so this is not an official passe partout, but is framed in the digital design). Take a look at the difference between a framed design and an unframed design. So you can see that a frame around a design can make a big difference! 

Customized passe-partout


Different colors passe partout

The standard passe partout is a white frame, but if you want a unique design, go for a nice color or a classy black frame. This frame can turn your photo into a real work of art! You can of course also request one of our posters from the collection with a colored passe partout.

Passe partout photo walls

In photo walls Passe partout is therefore a good option to make a whole from all designs. Because all posters are framed with a white border, the gallery wall will look a bit calmer. See the example below.
Customized passe-partout

Tips for a custom passe partout

We have a few more tips how and where to get custom fit best to apply:

  • Add a 4-6 inch white frame.
  • When you choose canvas or plexiglass material, DO NOT use passe partout. This is because these materials are not framed and this does not look like a beautiful whole.
  • The edge of the passe partout must be wider than the frame width.

Request your pass custom partout!

Are you interested in a custom design with a passe partout? Request it immediately in our live chat or by mail We look forward to creating the best posters together with you!

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