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The spring trend that comes back every year are the pastel colors. The light colors in pink, green, purple, blue and yellow are sweet colors that immediately brighten up your interior. But how do you do this tactically without your entire interior becoming pastel? We have the solution for you: hang framed posters in pastel colors! These are easy to replace but will pastel colors living room give vibe.

Pink pastel colors living room wall decoration

Featuring the framed poster of ''Plants'' you can give your living room a modern atmosphere in a simple way. In the design you see a small setup of a living room with plants, a table and wall decoration. The soft colors make this poster look good in any interior. 

pastel colors living room

Art has no rules

And so it is! In art there are no rules and neither are there in you pastel colors living room† So go crazy and make an awesome gallery wall. With the ''Art has no rules'' gallery wall will certainly impress your guests. The pink, purple and yellow pastel colors are a perfect combination to brighten up your living room this spring.

pastel colors living room

A mix of pastel colors

Triptych painting ''Pastellandscape'' shows how you can easily create a gallery wall by unity. This abstract mountain landscape (or whatever you see in it ;) ) is a great addition to your pastel colors living room† In addition to this pastel-colored triptych painting, there are many more abstract landscapes in this collection. Take a look at the bundle collection and maybe your match is among them.

pastel colors living room

Paul Klee the master of nice colors

In addition to the triptych painting, we have another design that has a mix of pastel colors, namely ''Paul Klee - Southern Gardens† Paul Klee is a modern artist with a great love for shapes, colours, music and people. His abstract and figurative art is very playful and authentic. 

pastel colors living room

Must-read: read more about Paul Klee and his artworks.

The rubber plant is back!

The following two framed posters are a real must-have for your home pastel colors living room. the ''Rubber plant yellow'' and ''Rubber plant pink'' are easy to care for: you just need to dust them occasionally! Are you also not very good at taking care of plants? Then these two framed posters are for you. That way you still have a few plants at home.

pastel colors living room

Wall circles in a pastel colors living room

In addition to the framed posters, wall circles are also a nice solution to easily transform your living room into a pastel-colored living room. See for example the design ''William Morris - Golden Bough'' with orange and yellow pastel shades. The wall circles are available in different materials: dibond, forex and wallpaper. You can easily hang a wall circle on dibond and forex with a hanging system. The wallpaper circle is self-adhesive, so hanging it up is a breeze!

pastel colors living room

Create contrast with colored houses

The design ''colored houses'' will also be a nice addition in your pastel colors living room. The contrast between these two pastel colors gives a bold effect to the framed poster. So quickly bring spring into your home with these fun colors!

pastel colors living room

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