Paul Klee posters

Paul Klee, an artist who uses many colors and shapes. We have released a new collection where his art has been given a new look. In this blog we tell who Paul Klee is and we explain Walljar's offer Paul Klee poster toe.

Who is Paul Klee?

Paul Klee is a modern artist with a great love for shapes, colours, music and people. His abstract and figurative art is very playful and authentic. He was inspired by children's drawings, primitive art and drawing by people with intellectual disabilities. His inspiration also came from his travels. One of his trips was to Tunisia where he fell in love with color! Klee was against fascism and came out for it. You see many emotions reflected in his artworks. Below we have some Paul Klee poster featured:

Paul Klee poster - Comedians

Paul Klee designed this work of art in 1938 under the motto: the medium is the message. This artwork is made with poster paint on newspaper. The black lines and figures symbolize frolicking creatures and drawing figures. Due to the neutral colors this Paul Klee poster fit into any interior!

Paul Klee poster

Paul Klee poster - Movement Of Vaulted Chambers

On this artwork: Movement Of Vaulted Chambers, you can see the movement of vault rooms, it dates back to 1915 and was made by watercolor painting on paper. The linear and childlike images can also be seen in this design. It is an interplay of colours, shapes and symbols. This wall decoration will brighten up any interior!

Paul Klee poster

Paul Klee poster -Southern Gardens

This Paul Klee poster with Southern (Tunisian) Gardens was made by Paul Klee in 1919. In this painting Klee used the materials jute, paper and cardboard. Paul Klee had a technique called: dabbing, spotting & blotting. This mainly meant a lot of dabbing and staining. This Paul Klee poster is here for sale.

Paul Klee poster

Paul Klee poster -Temple Gardens

In this design from 1920, Paul Klee has incorporated the influences of his trip from Tunisia. This artwork has the sparkle of a stained glass window on a sunny day. You will see several staircases that lead to the doors of gazebos, palm trees and domed towers.

You may have already noticed, but the original design has been cut into three pieces. Klee rearranged the artwork with scissors. He probably did this because it looked too symmetrical. He moved the middle part of this design a spot to the left. Order the Temple Gardens now!

Paul Klee poster

Paul Klee poster - The Harbinger of Autumn

The design of the ''Horseshot of Autumn'' comes from 1922. In this artwork you see several blue boxes with an orange tree in the middle. Walljar offers this artwork on (framed) posters, canvas paintings and plexiglass paintings. Discover it here !

Paul Klee poster

Paul Klee's most famous quotes and quotes:

Paul Klee has a number of well-known quotes and quotes that represent well how he thought about art:

  • Art does not represent the visible, but makes visible.
  • Genie is the fault in the system.
  • A line is a dot taking a walk.
  • A single day is enough to make us a little bigger or, another time, a little smaller.

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