We introduce one of the best looks of the moment: Energy Flows. The black and white photo walls are one of our favorites and will bring personality back into your interior. Take a quick look at the nicest energetic photo wall!

Black and white photo walls

Black and white complement each other perfectly, and are both basically not a color. As a result, black and white photo walls look good in any interior. In this photo wall are black and white designs combined with shades of gray, blue lines and cream colors.

The designs in the photo wall energy flow:

In this photo wall a combination of typography, photography and abstract has been created. This complements each other and will brighten up any interior! The designs featured in this photo wall are used:

Energy flows, where attention goes! 

This inspiring quote from Tony Robbins tells you that if you want something to happen, you have to invest your attention. Only then will the energy flow and results will be achieved. You need a clear goal that has a clear meaning. If you know how to use your energy, great things will happen! 

Growth mindset

To grow and progress are very important in life to achieve your goals. You've probably heard of a "growth mindset". Your talents are developed by working hard, using good strategies and input from others. This is called a growth mindset. The opposite is a fixed mindset; this is where people get stuck at the same point. Be someone with a growth mindset and achieve your goals!

Poster growth

Calming stones and flowing shapes

The calming stone poster with blue lines will make your home feel completely zen. There are stones that can reduce stress and anxiety; these are known as calming stones. With these calming stones you will calm your mind. The design of ''calming shapes'' and ''flowing shapes''will be good in photo walls stand, but are also very nice to combine as a duo.

Poster calming stones

Add photo art to your photo walls

The female body and the recordplayer give in this photo wall a nice contrast between photographic art and abstract and typographic art. These black and white photos can of course also be replaced with photos that suit your personality more. Check out the black and white photo art collection now and find the photos that fit your gallery walls!

Record player poster

Buy the energy flows photo wall as a whole

The whole photo wall you can easily order by going to the following page: energy flows. On this page you can choose which material and size you would like.

Photo walls