Planten in huis

Those green, graceful, healthy friends that everyone has in his or her home these days are indispensable! Plants in the home have become a real trend. But they are also indispensable for all sorts of reasons. What do real plants and plants in paintings actually do for us? We have listed 9 benefits of plants at home for you, after which you can no longer miss any plants in your home or office!

#1 Plants are good for health 

People breathe in oxygen. When they exhale, the substance is released carbon dioxide. Bee plant this works the other way around. Plants 'breathe in' carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen when they 'breathe out'. Create through this plant more oxygen, which is good for people and a huge amount benefit is. Moreover, research by Lohr et al. (1996) showed that people in a room full plant have lower blood pressure than people in one plantempty environment.

#2 Plants remove chemicals from the air

In addition to that plant are good for our oxygen, they also remove toxic substances from the air, such as formaldehyde and benzene. Doing this plant through their tiny mouths in the leaves, through its roots and through the bacteria in the soil near the plant. When the plant have the chemicals in them, they convert it into food. A huge one benefit So!

#3 Plants help reduce noise pollution in the home

The leaves of plant pick up, scatter or bounce sound waves back. When you place a group of plants in the house, it will have even more effect. You can plant of plant best place it in a corner for the best result.

#4 Plants let you stress less

When you are at work, you are less stressed with plant around you. Research shows that people were less stressed in a space full of greenery plant than in a room without it. Is it still possible cheaper?!

#5 Plants let your creativity soar 

Your creativity already increases with having one plantlet alone several plants in the house. Researchers believe this is due to its healing and relaxing effect plant on people. When you feel calm and healthy, you have more room in your head for creativity, what a huge amount benefit entails.
Painting of plants

# 6 Plants in the house make for better concentration

Research shows that plants help with our concentration. So if you are easily distracted, try to place one or more plants!

#7 Plants are good temperature controllers

Plants are ideal temperature controllers. Plants have a cooling effect in a natural way. Plants in the house are therefore a mega benefit during the summer.

#8 Plants give you more energy and give you peace of mind

Colors are very important, because they all have a different effect on us. The green color of plant is often associated with nature by humans. Nature often stands for people: growth, freshness and energy. The color green is a calm color and many people feel good about it. The color green also represents relaxation, peace and balance. In short, plant give us the benefits: energy and more peace!

#9 Plants make you less likely to get sick in winter

If you are sensitive to flu in the winter, it helps to keep a few plants in the house. Plants are natural humidifiers, which can help with a sore throat, headache, stuffy nose or cough.

But what if you don't have such green fingers?

Plants bring a lot benefits with him. Actually, everyone would have one plant must have at home or office. But if you don't have such green fingers, there are benefits that you have when you have a plant painting purchase. The look and color on one painting can be the same. You may not be all benefits, like more oxygen, from one plant painting get, but get more rest and energy! In addition, it is of course just a very nice decoration!

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Combine real with fake 

Combining real plant with 'fake plantschilderijen, can give a very nice look in your interior. Plants have a cozy and attractive vibe and will brighten up your home or office! Tip! It can be a lot of fun plant en schilderijen to place together.

Plants in the house make people happy!

Plants make people happy and that is why they are real plants or plants on a painting cool to to give as a present to family, friends or your partner. Plants are totally trendy and take a lot benefits with him. In addition to being a healthy addition, they will be fun!

Have you become completely enthusiastic and do you see all benefits of plants at home just as positive as we do? Order your now plant or plant painting here in our webshop!