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This photo wall with plant posters is one of our beautiful gallery walls that fits perfectly with the trend of a botanical interior. A trend perfect for nature lovers. Are you crazy about this trend? Then read on quickly! 

The botanical living trend

The botanical living trend is naturally characterized by many plants and flowers. This is often combined with natural materials, such as wood, reed and cotton. And of course you also see many prints of flowers and leaves in a botanical interior. That is why this gallery wall with plant posters fits so well with this trend! The photo wall consists of six beautiful plant posters:

A green interior with plant posters 

Green is a must for a botanical interior. The color green is soothing and at the same time it gives your interior a feeling of luxury. Green is also a fairly neutral color that can be combined with many different colors. And because there are so many different shades of green, there is a shade of green for everyone. Of plant posters you can combine different shades of green. 

Palm Leaves

Who wouldn't want to lie under a palm tree? This one plant poster gives a tropical touch to your interior. The green stands out nicely against the white background. Do you want extra contrast? Then frame the poster nicely in a black frame. Beautiful alone or in combination with others plant posters. 

plant posters

be present 

plant posters you don't just have to combine it with other botanical elements. We have chosen to combine this gallery wall with a poster from our typography collection. This one black white print creates a nice contrast in combination with all plant posters. 

plant posters

fern leaves

Most ferns do not like too much sun and are at their best in a slightly moist environment. But this fern works well in any environment. No shade or water needed. This dark print looks great in combination with the others plant posters and in both a light and dark interior. 

plant posters


The eucalyptus is an Australian plant. This plant comes in different colors from gray-green to bright green, as on this plant poster. The green hue stands out nicely against the white background. Hang it up with a poster hanger or frame it with others plant posters

 plant posters

Dark green plant

One of the last plant posters in this gallery wall is this beautiful print of a dark green plant† Because this image has a deep dark color, it will give your home a feeling of luxury. Hang the plant poster on a dark wall for a warm atmosphere and against a light wall for a nice contrast. 

plant posters

Dew drops 

Dew drops is a beautiful image of a plant with dew drops. There is a lot of detail in this plant poster. You can see both the dewdrops and veins of the leaf razor sharp! A very nice addition to the others plant posters in this photo wall. 

plant posters

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